Rodrigo Granja

Asst. to the President and Latin American US Community Outreach Officer

Rodrigo shares “When I was in my teenage years I had the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ and his purpose in coming on this earth. Although I was very young I had a lot of life and death issues and questions. It wasn’t until I knew Jesus Christ came to this earth and that He gave us eternal life to complete his purpose in our lives, that I fully realized and committed my trust to Him that all uncertainty and questions disappeared.

I have had the opportunity to work in many fields in my professional life, such as the oil industry, administration areas and tourism, but it wasn’t until I started to be involved in the worship ministry of my church that I knew that serving the Lord was what I wanted to do. I realized that my life has a purpose and I understand perfectly what Jesus wants from me, which is to let Him lead the way. Engaging with the Lord’s word and living it is how God is present in my life.

Nowadays I keep preparing myself to learn and obey. I’m excited to in South Carolina to work with CMM as I attend Worship School at MSU. I am here to serve and to lead in areas that God wants me to be in.
My heart burns to bring people to get a close encounter with Jesus in different areas of the ministry. I’m so thankful to be involved is what God has brought me here for in this new season.”