Yesterday we started with the zoom prayer for Revival Alert Romania- stop Virus parallelization and call forth Revival and Reset for President Klaus Johann is, the President announced that from May 16 Romanians are allowed to go out again, this is the very first turn and small step towards release since 6 weeks…

please press on in intercession, now in April, for more Reset and ignition of Revival to manifest, shalom, Erika Klemm

Revival Alert Romania – RAR Nr 2

1.Reset for President Klaus + Carmen Johannis, see pictures:

  • “the Bible is most important book of my life” 2014,  Reset – complete surrender, alignment publicly
  • “I fear no one but God -Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit”, 2014 – Free fear of man, sever unbilical covenants
  • Free form occult evil assaults and spells, Free from curses spoken by believers, devine connections
  • Father/ Mother of the Nation – reelected with 63% like a King – Johannis = John the baptist
  • proclaim Psalm 101, Passion Translation personified for Klaus + Carmen,called: 1. to bring unity + brotherly love, 2.lead during the transformation of Romania from Tale position into Head role by Jesus

2.Reset for romanian Christianity:

— In Romania there are 99% people, who declare themselves Christians – therefore we believe and ask Lord Jesus to free, heal and transform all Romanians. As Result the Romanians will respect the biblical commandments and beam of authenticity and spiritual life by the power of Holy Spirit

— We believe and declare: in Romania families, pregnant women and children are particularly respected, protected and honored. Therefore we believe and declare that, Abortions, human trafficking and domestic violence must give way in the name of Jesus Christ.

— Romania is implementing its calling toServe other nations with its spiritual, creative and physical gifts by the help of the Holy Spirit. And any exploitation, corruption, envy and greed are expelled from the land of Romania in the name of Jesus Christ.

–  85% of the romanian population is registered as Orthodox Christian. The last Revival was led by Iosif Trifa, started in Sibiu, some 100 years ago + spread quickly ” Lords Army = Oasta Domnului”We pray+ believe for a new revival by Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, in the orthodox church and all of Romania this very season.We believe + declare the Revival in Romania will grow into a powerful national Transformation, and be established in a new Reformation. 

  1. National Identity of Romania:

– Thank you Father for Romanians secure identity in Jesus your son. Please send the Holy Spirit to fill Romanians. In Jesus Name, we break the power and influence of every evil assignment, like trauma, guilt, fear, shame, helplessness, hopelessness, confusion, despair, panic and anxiety of Romanians. Instead Romanians ask and receive abundant live from Jesus, John 10.

-Romanians are a new creation in Jesus Christ. The old has passed away. All things have become new.  2. Corin 5, 17 Romania  – Romanians are in Jesus and Jesus is in Romanians.  Greater is Jesus Christ who is in Romanians, than he who is in the world. 1.John 4,4

Romanians are loved, forgiven, accepted, not forsaken. Romanians are adopted in God’s family Eph 1,5

– Romanians are no longer defined by their history, by what Romanians have done, or what was done to Romanians. Instead from now on and forever Romanians are defined by how Father God sees Romanians. He calls Romanians his beloved children in whom he is well pleased. John 3, 16 for so God loved the World, that he gave his only son, that all who believe in Him shall have eternal life

  1. Freedom from Human Traffic:

Testimony release to Romanian Children and women: in Los Angeles recently 500 children set free

– by “volcanic explosion out of the heart of Father God” walls will break down + the hidden Gold, Silver and Salt in the children/ woman/men will come out

– Sacharaja 2 ,And I myself will be a wall of fire around it,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will be its glory within.’

– the recently started ministry Arc of Blessing Sibiu ABS, led by Erika Klemm, will mobilize churches in the heart of Romania, to help these freed woman and children- for unity+identify new staff members

– the woman shelter of Sibiu has to close in 2 month, because of financial needs – monthly 3.000 Euros, we pray and believe for financial breakthrough for them and other ministries.