1. Give Thanks always

Despite and in the midst of all urgency for prayer needs, always give first thanks and praise and worship to our wonderful Father God, Jesus of Nazareth and the wonderful Holy Spirit

  • Jubilee of 20 years ministry in Sibiu, Romania has passed in September without any celebration, so lets at least give thanks for everything HE accomplished, HE worked out and I was honored to be part of HIS ministry in Sibiu, Romania, Europe, Israel and abroad.
  • Give thanks for our Godfearing Bishop, my direct boss, who is very open t grow more in wisdom and power by the community with the Holy Spirit
  • Give thanks for Monica and Pavel, this couple stands with me for past 12 years of House Of Prayer, and for Adriana, who stands with me for 9 years
  • Give thanks for this wonderful landscape and weather we have on Romania, which I love so much, everything about this and the medieval beautiful town of Sibiu, is so perfectly fitting to what I love and prefer, that I celebrate I was allowed to live here for past 20 years, especially when past 11 years many attacks tried to push me out of this town
  • Give thanks for a very fruitful season in my ministry and life, where I have lots of open doors. Lots of responsibilities and influence possibilities

2. marathon of suffering

Hebrews 10, 32 from passion translation describes how I feel past weeks, month and even years

“You endured a great marathon season of suffering hardships yet you stood your ground. And at times you were publicly and shamefully mistreated, being persecuted for your faith, than at other times you stood side by side with those who preach the message of hope.”

    • I constantly survive in an extreme situation,were persecution and disobedience from people who were called to come here, visit or stand here with me have failed to fulfill their calling, surly I also have not reached what I was supposed to do – and I am always quick to repent and look for my own mistakes
    •  but the fact is attacked for strong isolation, the lack of the life frame I was created for, as I miss spiritual parents, mentors, husband, children, and also close mature friends, who speak German or English.
    • so the small faithful remnant from Ora et Labora: Monica, Pavel, Adriana and me we all need desperately help, your intercession, encouragement and everything Adonai wants to shower on us
    • there are positive changes, as for example my intercession team in Bucarest is strong and constantly growing

in the fall of 2015 I was called to do a 3-month sabbatical, due to my short Fake Marriage with Arvid this was not happening and since then I missed a big portion of HIS healing and help frame, so now as the assignment finished for the refugee help I will finally take the 3-month sabbatical from January till March 2020, relying on Adonais Grace as I will have no salary

3. today city-wide prayer evening for the Romanian government

This evening the miracle Father will do it again, we have called 7 churches one after another to pray for our government,this event is already a huge miracle, I am the organizer and initiator, backed up by the bishop, but the local senior pastor Kilian is not supportive at all, please pray for wisdom and protection for this event and everybody who will pray and speak – this level of all main churches praying together is completely unique in all over Romania

4. presidential elections November 10

we believe that our today president Klaus Johannis is called for a second mandate, please pray we refuse any corruption in Jesus name for the elections on Sunday, we call forth Adonais will to happen, before during and after the elections that the result after Gods will is manifesting here in Romania

    •  the 6th government in the past 5 years under Prime Minister Ludovic Orban started yesterday, we declare in Jesus name that this government stands firm is aligned up with Adonais will and will remain at least coming 3 years elections for new church council and elders in all of our churches coming Sunday, November 10, please we declare in Jesus name that especially in Sibiu only man and woman according to Adonais will are chosen and elected, we reject any corruption and we bind the results under Jesus will and declare Jesus Christ is king in all church elections from my church, where I am head intercessor