We Celebrate

  1. As our Thanksgiving is sealing up the victories that Lord Jesus has assured on earth.
    Let’s join again in Thanks Giving about any good result out of the EU Summit in Sibiu on May 9 this year. Find attached a summary of the Lord’s almighty work and the official Sibiu Declaration which is supposed to outline the EU direction for the coming 10 years.
    I encourage you to take in faith this testimony for your own countries and situations, especially that our Lord worked out a Holy Peace from good decisions and changes could be made and hindered activists to arrive.
  2. The evangelical primary school in Gusterita, which was threatened to be thrown out 1,5 years ago, is assured for this school year to stay. This is then already the second miracle school year. And we believe that the Charlotte Dietrich School will go on to bloom and stay many, many years in the church castle of Gusterita. There were 15 new kids for first grade, a total of 50 kids are now at the school.  It still needs ongoing intercession, as just a month ago a new association was formed, due to the fact that my own local Lutheran church kicked the school out from its protection. The school is situated on the very strategic hill for our town of Sibiu.
  3. A new bible group is founded and new discipleship meetings started with great opening for the work of the Holy Spirit. For protection and growth of this new seeds.
  4. The collaboration and monthly ministry in the capital are stable and growing.

Prayer points:

  1. A wake up call from a dear colleg of Switserland , fin in attachement, to the European Churches. Pray that it will be heard and acted on.
  2. For Romania:  the presidential election campaign for the election day of November 10, 2019 has started. We believe that its the will of Adonai that our today born again president Klaus Johannis will be elected for his second mandate.
    Please pray that every candidate will go through a purifying process and turn more to Lord Jesus than every before. Pray that Klaus Johannis will line up with Adonais will in all areas of life and duties. Specially that he will repeat his own declarations and live them: 1. Klaus Johannis ” the bible is the most important book of my life” 2. ” I fear no one but God”
  3. For the upcoming annual Pastors meeting on October 8/9 of our national Lutheran German church of Romania. That Jesus will be glorified and more in the center of everything, that the Holy Spirit will come powerfully and bless with his Agape Love and repentance, truth, clarity, deliverance, healing and reconciliation.
  4. For me to handle the many admin and organizational duties, as well as, spiritual tasks. For the bible exhibition that I will open in Codlea church coming Sunday and that many hundreds of school kids would come to visit as in the 6 other cities before. For the upcoming trip to Germany with a full schedule ( german lutheran social care institutes/ sending church/ prayer summit), for good sleep and divine connections.
  5. For my organizational duty to organize the seminar, 18.-21.October, about mental health and help in life transitions in the very library of the state university, with a christian leader from UK. That we could reach many students and social workers…. For intercession duties and the fact that we are still hoping for more people to join our House of Prayer meetings.

shalom, Erika from Sibiu