Nbagwire August 2014

Here find greetings from us. We have been in Rwanda, in Kigali as from 5th-11th August, where we held a conference for Pastors in Rwanda, DRC Congo, Burundi, the training was on Evangelism and Discipleship. See the pictures explaining each session. Your prophetic insights over us is at work for Africa.

Pray for us so that God connects us with those are able to be praying for our call and work in Africa for Jesus Christ.

Thanks. Greet all the team. Amen.

Nbagwire April 2014

Dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ,

Happy Easter! We will no longer look for our saviour among the dead. He has risen, He is alive! Alleluiah! My prayer for us all is that we may get a revelation of the love He has for us that led Him to die on the cross and the power that is in His resurrection.

I would like to thank you for your prayers and financial support which enabled my mission trip to Kenya to be a blessing to me and to the refugees I visited.

As I had mentioned in my message, I was planning to buy sewing machines which costs £45 each. However, a friend who is also in that industry advised me not to buy them because they were not strong and because it would be difficult to have them repaired if something went wrong. She advised me to buy another type at £139 each, which is good and reasonable for that market. However, they were very heavy and I did not have much luggage allowance and when I contacted the customs in Kenya, I realised that the taxes were costly. I then decided to buy them in Kenya. The price for each machine including transport and assembling was £189. With the money I had, I was able to buy 6 machines and materials for those who got the machines. I was able to visit all the homes of those ladies and I spent quality time ministering to them and their children. I gave them the clothes I had taken and I did food shopping for them. For those who could not receive the machines, they agreed with those who received them to share when they are not busy. This is not going to be easy as they don’t live in the same locality. I was not able to rent a room where they can work together, because I didn’t have enough money.

While I was still there, those who received the machines and the materials were able to make beautiful bags, which I would like you to see. Those ladies were very grateful that you sent me to see them. As I mentioned in my previous letter, the month of April is a mourning period for the Rwandan community. You mourn more when you don’t have anything to feed your children… Visiting and providing for them as this was a blessing for them and for me who saw the mourning being turned into joy. Their needs are many but with the provision of those machines and materials, they can at least have an occupation and be able to feed their children sometimes. I pray and hope that we will be able to help with the rest of the machines and that one day those ladies will have a room where they will work together and have fellowship with each other. Yes, we can!

We had time of fellowship together. We ate and prayed together. They are very grateful and they always ask God to bless you.

On Sunday the 13th, I went to Langata women prison with Father Peter and I was impressed by the service of Father Peter in that prison. It has become a model for all the prisons in Kenya. We were able to share the milk and bread with them, but this time we could only give half of a loaf and 250ml of milk to each. We were all happy and very grateful. Those women have now released a nice album of gospel songs.

Thank you very much for your prayers for me and my children who stayed behind. I came back home safely and I found my children safe and we celebrated Easter together.

God bless.