By Jorge Parrott (All Scripture references are NKJV)

What we think about and do in our daily lives impacts our eternity. We walk in two worlds simultaneously: the here and now on this earth and the eternal reality of which we see only glimpses. We know the unseen eternal realm is more real than this world. Last year, Rick Joyner shared a dream he had in which he met Enoch and Elijah. Enoch was the happiest man he had ever met (Enoch walked with God for 300 years). Then Rick met Elijah and asked him why Enoch was so happy. Elijah answered, “The way we live each day determines our eternity.”

We are blessed to know many remarkable, transformative people expanding the kingdom of God in many nations at this historic time. It is amazing that the Lord trusts us to steward these deepening relationships with the many friends we are connected with around the world. We have a holy calling to equip, train, and release a prophetic army at this time to impact the nations of the earth. We are called to build strategic alliances with like-minded, spirit-filled disciples of Christ in every nation.

God’s Amazing Ways

The Lord is moving in amazing ways everywhere to push back darkness. He showers us with His love as we fight to set captives free and see His people released into their God-ordained destinies. Discipling nations is our goal by focusing on one life at a time, walking with them into the glory realm. We must commit our lives daily to see what the Lord sees as we take on the mind of Christ. May we believe the way He made us to believe—supernaturally. The greatest adventure is available to us as we obey and “come up here” as He told us in Revelation 4.

I Corinthians 2:9 exhorts us to believe with greater faith what our Lord is doing in the here and now in the 21st century. But as it is written: ‘Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.’”

 Discipling the Nations One Transformed Life at a Time

Here are some recent testimonies from missionaries, apostolic leaders, and one student of the MSU College of Theology ( There are many more, this is just a sampling:

Dominican Republic: Six years ago, one of our missionaries, Veronica Freites, whom we sent to the Dominican Republic fifteen years ago, led the Secretary of State and his wife to Jesus. These dear friends continue to open their home to our visiting teams for prophetic words/training and prayers. They shower our teams with hospitality. They even ask us to pray and prophesy to their household staff.

Last November, one of our theology students, who happens to be a major fashion designer, got a word from the Lord of how he would meet and lead the President of the Dominican Republic to Jesus. He did not know how that would be possible, but his bold faith flowed into action as God made a way for him to witness to the President this past December.

The President accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. While ministering during the divine appointment time, the Holy Spirit spoke to our student that the President would serve another term. The President said it was not possible due to term limits. Our student tells us that a referendum recently passed by a large majority, and a new election will happen soon with the President on the ballot. Pray for God’s will in this election.

Greece: Farzad, the grandson of an Ayatollah in Iran and trained as a Mullah, came to Jesus. Because of his faith in Jesus, Farzad was imprisoned for two and a half years. Throughout his imprisonment, he was beaten and tortured for Jesus Christ, yet he thanks God that Jesus came to visit him every day in jail. Farzad has set up refugee/discipleship centers in Morocco, Spain, Italy, and Greece. I met some of his disciples (former Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters) last October at his church in downtown Athens. He told me how, six months earlier, these humble servants would have killed me and my friends, but now after entering the throne room of the true God who loves them and sent His Son, Jesus, to die for them, their lives have been radically transformed.

Two weeks before we arrived, an eighty-four year old man, who had just given his life to Jesus, was attacked and stabbed to death by terrorists on his way home. Two days after I spoke to this group, radical Islamists tried to behead one of the new believers. During the attack he lost an ear, yet doctors marvel that he did not lose his hearing—a miracle indeed.

Farzad had never been to America until now. He challenged us with his great humility and love for Jesus. He exhorted us to not take for granted the blessings of salvation and to never forget the Christian foundation upon which the U.S. and Canada were founded. Many lives were touched by this committed bondservant of Jesus Christ who never backs down from the enemies of the cross.

Turkey: Farzad shared his vision for his next apostolic refugee/discipleship center in Turkey along the “underground highway” many refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria are fleeing to in search of hope and a new life. He shared how in three months’ time Muslims can be welcomed, fed, and discipled with radical transformation into the presence of our Lord, filled with the Holy Spirit, and shown how to live consecrated lives unto Jesus. They are then sent out as ambassadors of Christ, some even returning to their homelands to share Jesus in the coming great harvest of souls. Farzad covets our prayers for the $150,000 to come in so that many can hear the gospel for the first time and see demonstrations of the love of God as they are introduced to Jesus. As God leads, you may give to this work by visiting

Iran: Farzad shared about the millions of souls coming to Jesus in Iran. Operation World reported in the spring of 2013 that Iran is the fastest growing Christian nation in the world in spite of intense persecution. Farzad shared how millions have come to the Lord, and not by the works of man. Sixty to seventy percent have come to the Lord with Jesus appearing in visions to the hungry souls. What an amazing time we are blessed to be alive in. Friends of MorningStar from the Middle East and China are taking The Bible in printed material, mini-SD cards, and USB pens in the Farsi language covertly. We ask you to pray about sending in any financial gift to help us minister there and in Syria. Friends from China have sent two hundred Chinese missionaries into Syria to witness to the love of Jesus there.

Turkey: Patrick and Soonja Jensen are near the Syrian border and report that many escaping from Syria are coming to Jesus Christ through their commitment to sharing God’s love. The refugees are hungry for hope. Our precious missionaries are loving them into the kingdom for God’s glory.

Guatemala: In May, I led a team to Vida Real Church in the nation’s capital. Tom and Mary Anne Hardiman, Directors of MFM, accompanied me. We hosted the first MorningStar Prophetic Regional Round Table in Guatemala. Pastors from several churches attended this event hosted by long-term friends at Vida Real. I have been to Guatemala about twenty-eight times in the last sixteen years and am continuing to see the Lord moving in this war-torn nation that is still coming out of a thirty-six-year civil war.

This church started twelve years ago. We were blessed to be present for their 12th anniversary celebration. We were asked to pray and prophesy over their church, leaders, and nation. The church now has about ten thousand members meeting at ten locations across the nation. They are hungry for prophetic training and are hungry after God to see destinies released and fulfilled by the leading of the Holy Spirit. The main church is attended by many leading business people. Lance Wallnau and Dave Yarnes led a KBA conference there in February. This church and its people are hungrily waiting for more connection, impartation, and interaction with MorningStar’s prophetic voice.

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