By Jorge Parrott

What is not being shaken right now? The reality of the daily media reports would seem unbelievable even just a few years ago. Many are being stirred by the Holy Spirit to fresh boldness and courage, which is sorely lacking in churches, governments, and organizations in every nation. Many are telling us of a fresh conviction of the holy fear of the Lord as never before. Are we sensitive to the Holy Spirit to discern the times? Have we learned how to love and possess the commitment to obey our Captain at all costs? 

We see the great harvest as well as the great apostasy already beginning right before our eyes. It’s true that more and more of the world’s problems are beyond human remedy. Reports abound that more are coming into the kingdom daily than ever before, yet nations, churches, and institutions are quaking. Many are coming to the Lord who have never heard of Jesus, while many who have heard of Jesus don’t seem to believe fully in their hearts enough to live the transformed life. The resurrected life is available and is ours if we receive all that Jesus did for us. The miracle of salvation is but the beginning of being a disciple or friend of Jesus. There is so much waiting for us as sons of God.

We hear firsthand reports weekly from our dear friends and missionaries who live in dangerous nations of increasing threats, church attacks, violence against Christians, and of suicide bombers blowing up innocent worshippers and children.

What is more amazing is to hear these leaders and pastors speaking of the joy of the Lord and their steadfast resolve to carry on the cause of Christ at all costs. Sure, at times we hear the fear in their voices as they ask for prayers and help in relocating their families to nearby hidden safe houses to protect their wives and children, but few have left the faith and the calling on their lives. Mass migration, fleeing of refugees, and forced relocation is happening now in an increasing number of nations at record levels. What does this mean for the children of the King?

I Can’t Wait To Hug You Brother, If We Are Still Alive

One of my heroes of the faith who has been imprisoned many times, beaten, and has a price on his head now serves in the Middle East near the border of a country under siege. In our Western world, it seems we have been lulled into a deep sleep by God’s protection and grace. Like the fog from the pot slowly rises as the water temperature begins to boil, our complacency can numb us to what is happening on our watch.

Recently, many people that my friend led to the Lord and had been in his discipleship classes were killed. This is another urgent reminder of the need for our “fast track” equipping classes. We will be able to train the trainers in remote areas in accelerated fashion in Bible foundations, hearing the voice of the Lord, and in global leadership principles led by the Holy Spirit. This will release the heart of the Father and equip leaders to go into the closed and dangerous nations with urgency to reach as many as they can, not knowing if they will be alive in a few months. Please pray about supporting our Beyond the Borders: The Gospel without Limits. To learn more, visit:

These brothers and sisters are fleeing barbaric terrorists, losing their homes and businesses as they flee for their very lives. My friend and I were chatting on Skype. He is joyful, smiling, and introduced me to some of his newly trained leaders. What a joy to see their faces and smiles, and hear words of thanksgiving for our help. I pray this will not be the last time I ever see them alive. He told me he looks forward to my next visit in a few months. He smiled and then said, “I can’t wait to hug you brother, if we are still alive.” Reality can bite, but any reality without hope in Jesus hurts for all eternity. You may have heard the saying. “There are no eagles in a chicken coop.”

Out Of The Comfort Zone Into The Pressure Cooker

The “pressure cooker” atmosphere of living by faith (such as, where will their next meal come from along with facing death threats) forces an immediate change in one’s perspective to trust in the Lord hourly. Meanwhile, in some affluent Western nations, many end up not trusting the Lord as much as the Lord wants them to trust Him. This “Laodicean heart” often leads to a lukewarm, double-minded way of existence, which leads to an unholy and weak spiritual walk.

It is time to block out distractions and turn every idle thought and word into what pleases the Lord. It is time to line up in this holy martial array with urgency. We were born to live a faith-filled life and a life consecrated to destroying the works of Satan.

But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.

For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord;

he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways (James 6:1-8 NKJV).

 The War Room Is Open

More than one million martyrs in ten years is a wake-up call to the global body of Christ. I love the lyrics from Leonard Jones’ song, “I Will Rejoice”: My hope is built on nothing else, but Jesus’ blood and righteousness. Jesus said the work of the Father is to believe. Courage and faith go hand in hand. In Revelation 21:8, we are reminded the first ones thrown into the lake of fire are the cowards.

If we have not exercised our faith in preparation for the storms in life, when calamity and crisis come, fear can defeat us. Many see the strong likelihood of a huge “perfect” storm ahead globally unlike any time before in history. Many will end up shipwrecked. Disaster can be averted if the people of God will pray, stand in the gap, and we begin to see true national repentance.

The Lord is in the “war room” and the maps are laid out. If we choose to press in with confidence and boldness, we will see Him revealing heavenly strategies for the battles coming our way. If we die, let us die bravely, contending for the faith, wrapped in the love and the glory of the Captain of the host of the army.

 The Nations Are Waiting For God Encounters

Some of our key objectives are to take people into the very presence of the Lord through sanctified interaction, worship, prayer, and practical activation of the gifts God gives us. We do this in our mission’s team training, missionary training, Skype prophetic ministry, online training, site visits, team formation and deployment, short-term trips, and follow-up. This will enlarge our hearts and our tent pegs to see the glory of God and bring transformation and sustainability for a lifestyle of repentance as we together do great exploits. Our hearts should be like Paul’s—to see everyone complete in Christ and walking in the full stature of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to come with us on one of our upcoming short-term mission trips to experience what the Lord is doing to strengthen His body in these days. All who venture out come back changed forever, closer to the Lord, more hungry for His intimacy and presence, and wanting to know more and more how to love the way God loves. Come and inquire of the Lord. Ask Him what He sees in people and how He can speak to His vessels of clay to release hope, life, faith, and prophetic destiny, making the “desert bloom” in precious souls waiting to hear how much God loves them. Will you say, “Here I am Lord, send me”?

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Praise Report: Here are four photos from our recent outreach and food distribution in Malawi after massive flood damage displaced many people, destroyed many homes and wiped out large areas of crops. Blessings and thanks to our Partners who helped send emergency food to our trusted pastors to help feed a thousand more people for more than a month. In Malawi it costs only $16.00 to feed a family for a month.