Andrew Sesay

Ministry in Freetown

God has put a passion in my heart to win the lost for Christ and build His Kingdom both in West Africa and the world at large. To do this He has called me as a church leader and apostolic figure in Sierra Leone.

I have been focusing my evangelistic efforts on the following people groups in order to gather and train a team of future leaders in the Church: Christians (those that are already following the Lord, but are open to serving with me), Muslims (God has given me much favor with many Muslims, so I have been successful in leading many to Christ), Non-Christians (Sierra Leone has many people that are either totally unconcerned with God or walk in other more pagan ways), anyone else open to the Good News.

More specifically, I have implemented several strategies in order to reach more people for the Lord. We have built a Christian High School in a Muslim village. We have dug wells for several villages where the water has been gifted to the people. We have planted many churches both in Freetown and surrounding cities and villages throughout the country. We have regular feedings and food distribution for the poor. We give out clothing and bedding for the naked and desperate. We have a future goal of opening an orphanage at the Masuri village site (where the school already is located) starting with around 100 kids that have been left alone because of the Ebola pandemic. I have an ongoing music ministry including leading at church, creating worship CD’S, and releasing songs into the popular culture of Sierra Leone. I intend to go into some of the local Mosques to begin praying with them in order to send a message of love and care to the Muslim people around me.

andrewWorking and living in Freetown has been very difficult at times, but the Lord has sustained me and has always provided. I believe that the work I do is part of the greater purpose in the heart of Jesus Christ of reaching not only my own country of Sierra Leone, but also West Africa as a whole and beyond.