Sesay: July 2017

Dear Beloved in Christ,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I’m sending this email today due to the dream and passion the Lord has put in my heart for his beloved people. I was with my beloved friends the No-Boundaries International, ministering to the prostitutes on the streets of Freetown when I was touched by one lady we prayed for.  She is called Salwa. While we where praying, she started crying after I asked her what goes on in her life.  She told me that she wanted to come out of that life.

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Sesay: February 2016

By Christopher Chaney

My daughter and I just spent 3 weeks in Salone. At least that’s what the people from Sierra Leone call it. Our flesh suffered tremendously. There were poisonous snakes in the jungle. There was rotting trash in every corner of Freetown. There were open sewers everywhere. The food didn’t agree with our stomachs. We didn’t sleep well. But we can’t wait to get back there. Why on earth would we want to go back? It must be God!

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December 2015

Dear Beloved in Christ; th20151222_214731ank you so much for been part of our lives. The Sesay Family want to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

This is the day we celebrate our Lord. It is a wonderful day, despite the world calling it other names, because they don’t know him, but you know him and he lives in you and you can feel it in you. He is the reason for the season.

May you all be his hands and feet wherever you go. Thank you so much for believing in this family.

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year in Christ from the Sesays.

Sesay July 2015

We are giving up everything in order to serve the Lord in my home country. I had fled the war and the chaos, but the Lord called me back to Sierra Leone (by the word of Heidi Baker and Randy Clark) from Brazil.

Sierra Leone experienced so much sickness and death due to Ebola. This crisis triggered a desperate financial crisis. We decided not to walk in fear so we went out and prayed for people and saw many miracles. Now, our ministry is in need of medicine due to all the sickness and Ebola. CMM is able to help us get this but they are needing $7,000 to ship it to us. Would you help us with this?

We have implemented several strategies in order to reach more people for the Lord. One strategy is that we have built a Christian High School in a Muslim village. The Muslims know it is a Christian school and are willingly sending their children there due to the high quality and love. If you would like to help us below is a breakdown of our needs:
$7 a month send 1 child to school
$150 a month teacher’s salary or
$1000 a month for teacher’s salaries & book

Working and living in Freetown has been very difficult at times, but the Lord has sustained me and has always provided. I believe that the work I do is part of the greater purpose in the heart of Jesus Christ of reaching not only my own country of Sierra Leone, but also West Africa as a whole and beyond.

December 2014

Andrew’s team had a food outreach just before Christmas as their resources allowed. They are somewhere in the community where the main church is in West Freetown.

October 2014

These pictures were taken during a lock down day due to Ebola, that they had around 3 weeks ago. You can see the bags of rice and other things being distributed to the poor just prior to the lock down. Obviously, once the lock down starts no one can come or go to get anything.