Sesay: July 2017

Dear Beloved in Christ,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I’m sending this email today due to the dream and passion the Lord has put in my heart for his beloved people. I was with my beloved friends the No-Boundaries International, ministering to the prostitutes on the streets of Freetown when I was touched by one lady we prayed for.  She is called Salwa. While we where praying, she started crying after I asked her what goes on in her life.  She told me that she wanted to come out of that life.

She took me back to what had caused her to end up on the street.  She told me that she was given to be married when she was a teenager, so she ran away from home because she was afraid.  When she came back to her family some time later, her father drove her from the house and told all the family members not to take her in.  He warned that if anybody did that he would be very angry with that person, so that is how she ended up on the street. She has been on the street all these years.  I asked her what her skills are, and she said she wants to learn hair dressing. She never went to school, so she really has no skills yet.  Then I heard the Lord say to build a training center where we can host people as they go through discipleship training.  It is there and then that they can learn different kinds of trades.

I also finished a three day training conference with my leaders.  I asked how many people receive income every month to support their family.  Out of twenty-four leaders, only four have an income.  Then I realized that the training center is not only for the street girls but could also be useful for the church too. So in the training center I want to build we will start with five different specialties.

1. Computer School

2. Carpentry shop

3. Tailoring

4. Building

5. Tie dying

So I’m calling on you if you feel stirred by the Lord to please come on board to be a part of this movement from the beginning.  Here are a few practical ways you can help and be part of what we are doing here. You could donate some of the following items:

a. Used PC computers or Laptops

b. Power tools

c. Sewing machines

d. Prayer

Anything that you think will help the beloved of God will be so wonderful.  Thank you so much for being a part of this great move of God in Sierra Leone. If the Lord puts in you heart to support us financially, you can use the following channels:

1.) Iris Ministry (Iris Sierra Leone)

2) CMM, Fort Mill, SC (affiliated with Morningstar Church)

3) Chris Chaney

My brother, Chris Chaney, will be organizing the shipping of materials to Freetown for about $180.00 per barrel. It will cost $3500.00 to do a  simple block building for these girls.  We will need five buildings to start including the workshops.  It’s in the workshop that we will be doing discipleship training for them as well. Thank you for believing in me.

Blessings and Love,

Andrew and Team.