Sesay: June 2016

Dear CMM Family,

It is a joy to write about our upcoming Mission Trip on November 15. I’m working with Mr Chaney on how much it will cost:

1. For gas
2. Food
3. Any other cost
4. P.A. system

When we get all the numbers right, I would like it if we can have it on the Sierra Leone page on the website so that if the Lord touch people to sow into that trip it will help for the expenses.

If that is ok with you, please be praying for us, and we are inviting anybody who feel like the Lord is touching them to be a part of this team.

The Purpose of this trip:
1. To build ties in the region with the pastors
2. To train leaders on;
a. Evangelism
b. Training Pastors to form teams to reach their communities
d. The strengthening of the body of Christ
3. Opportunities for starting CMM Network

Any Ideas you have, Jorge, that you think will help please let us know, blessings to the CMM Family.

Andrew and Team