By Jorge Parrott

At the recent Advanced Prophetic Conference Cindy Jacobs prophesied  that the Moravian ‘tent’ of fervent prayer, which lasted 100 years is coming to us. It is a unique call to prophetic intercession for our own congregations, our nation(s), and the global community of churches, pastors and missionaries that are part of CMM. It is for the urgency of making disciples of Christ in every nation and the fulfillment of The Great Commission.

As progress takes hold on the completion of the Missions Base (see at Moravian Falls we see the Lord giving us strategies and maps for taking the Five Fold ministries and the 7 Mountain Mandate along with the anointing of many great prophets, teachers, and worship leaders to the nations of the earth through our network of CMM missionaries serving in 45 nations.

We will keep you posted in the near future to the date we are planning, in conjunction with our monthly Solemn Assemblies, where our churches and missionaries around the world will be praying for 24 hours as a global chorus of prophetic and intercessory voices of CMM rises up to Heaven.

Here are some surprising facts to help us pray and plan our near term strategies globally. God is looking for available hearts to hear his voice and obey.From his book “Serving with Eyes Wide Open” by David Livermore:

  • 42% of the people in the world are under 15 years of age
  • 20% of the world lives on one dollar a day. Another 20% live on two dollars a
  • 2 billion children in the world, half in poverty
  • 1 in 4 children have to work and not go to school
  • 8% of world owns a car
  • On average 178,000 come to Jesus daily
  • 85% of churches in the world led by men and women who have no formal
  • 80% of nationals who come to the west for training do not go home
  • Leaders from every non-western region say #1 need is leadership training
  • Sociologists have consistently found that the way we anticipate a situation will strongly influence how we engage in it. Our expectations about a new role or new situation will directly influence how we experience, both positively or negatively.

We ask you to pray and seek the Lord on what role(s) he is calling you to step out in increasing faith in the days ahead to see the nations come to Jesus Christ, our lord and savior.