Hi friends, we hope you are well! As we haven’t written to you in two months, we have some exciting things going on. Firstly, I (Christa) am in the United States now with my family and am looking forward to two upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations! I have also become a distributor for Young Living and am really looking forward to hosting some essential oil classes and workshops to encourage people to move into a place of better health and wholeness. Meanwhile, Morné has three more weeks in South Africa with our church’s end of the year festivities before he joins me in December in Texas.


We have finalized two songs of ours for the live cd recording that we are blessed to be a part of on December 14th with Kingdom Encounter Ministries. We are going to be using the House of Prayer in Rockwall, Texas, for our venue for the whole project! Thank you for all your support and encouragement in the songs we have written; we look forward to the release of this cd and know many more are to come.


The last year both Morné and I have had health, wholeness, and the importance of our body highlighted to us from Holy Spirit. I believe most Christians look more at the spiritual side of everything and our physical bodies get overlooked or considered nonimportant. Everything spiritual has a physical correlation and we are the physical expression of Jesus in the earth! It is so important that we display the beauty, the healing, the radiance and joy of Jesus everywhere we go. So practically, what does that look like? Morné and I have been digesting this and it truly challenges everything you plan to do during a week from eating, exercising, spending time with Jesus, worshipping, engaging with people, etc. It’s really awesome to partner with Holy Spirit and with what the Father’s heart is for us to walk this out.


Firstly, thank you to those who sowed into the new laptop we are saving up for our home recording studio! We are excited to see what God is going to do next year with our music! If you think of us, we ask for prayers for safe travels during the holidays and specifically for strength for Christa’s vocals during our weekend of recording in December. We appreciate it so much! Many blessings and love, Morné & Christa Blom