Mado Wildrienne (Fernandez): December 2010

(Mado on the left, Anna Marrie Parrott on the right)

Mado met Ruben, her late husband, 45 years ago in England while attending Bible school and married soon after. They have ministered in Oveido, in the northern part of Spain’s Asturias region. They have assisted in the equipping of many in Spain. At Ruben’s funeral memorial in 2005 several leaders including main stream denominations, Pentecostals, evangelicals, and even a Catholic leader told me in private conversations that no one had affected the spread of Christianity in all of Spain the last 40 years than Ruben Fernandez.

“thank you Annamarie for the November report. I am doing just fine. Very thankful for a fruitful year in the Lord’s work here in Oviedo and surroundings. Still involved with the prison ministry and lately training new helpers as well. We are facing new normas to continue ministry inside the jail and a new officer in chief with different methods ! meaning we have to change our outlook . We need pray and wisdom to adapt trusting the opening will remain as wide as before. During these last months, we have had the joy to see inmates coming to our church in Oviedo when getting out and having a real desire to follow the Lord. I also co-pastor as an elder and member of the board with many responsabilities. This is a real challenge to me and I am happy to colaborate in the growing of the church in stability.I just had a christmas supper for the ladies’ and they have come a long way in unity and commitment. My daughters are well . Debora lives in Gijon but we speak over the phone often. Diana and Miguel both had a difficult summer and fall .First Diana had to be rushed in hospital with a ruptured pleura in July. She was in hospital over 10 days. In september Miguel had a bike accident when a car sent him in the air, then on the road and has 3 important bones of his wrist broken that still need treatment and special care. But they are happy and we all thank God as he could have been killed. Diana is teaching in a big school down town Oviedo this year. Always remembering you in my prayers. Have A Happy blessed christmas season !
Love., Mado.You can use some of my news for my donors as I cannot always communicate by e.mail.”

On one visit to see Ruben and Mado, Ruben took me to a friend’s barn where I saw boxes of government taped up radio equipment. Ruben said the Catholic government came in and ordered that the Christians could not use ‘that’ equipment. They boxed it up and taped it with government tape. The Christians promptly went out and replaced the equipment and continued to broadcast, along with 16 other underground stations throughout Spain, Christian programming. This group eventually challenged in Spanish courts and won the right to broadcast.

CMM has sent a black gospel group from Virginia, per the request of Ruben, and the local government owned opera house was packed for three nights with 1500 people each night to enjoy this powerful group sing classics like Handel’s Messiah and other Christmas songs. Ruben said that was the largest evangelical outreach in N. Spain in 1,100 years.

Ruben had been to Cuba ten times and really had a heart for the brethren there. His replacement, Luis, also wants to go, but has not been yet. One time, I went to Spain, met up with Ruben, and a gypsy guitarist, and we took $15,000. US into Havana, under ‘stealth radar’, and delivered untouched the funds for a vehicle for a van for the overseer and repairs of churches.

Mado ministers on the radio and in prisons and serves in the leadership at the three churches. These churches are thriving and growing and accepting of Latin American and Cuban new comers and God has blessed them with favor.


Mado has a good support base and could always use more funds but is not suffering.
Funds for Luis, Ruben’s successor to travel to Cuba are needed. $1,500.
The churches have outgrown their spaces and commercial space is very high.