Doris Chou

Doris Chou

When I was young, I was always sick because of lacking food and the curse of sins [The curse from ancestors’, from ourselves, from other people, (Exodus 20:5)] and the attacking from our enemy – Satan. I have gone through many difficulties and suffered a lot. I knew the feeling of the sick people. I know God’s heart. He just so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus to die for our sin to save us.

Therefore, after I got saved and healed by Jesus, I prayed to God, “Dear Lord! Please give me the gifts of healing and other spiritual weapons, that I may be used by you to help people and set them free from the bondage of sickness and the oppressed by the evil spirit.” Praised the Lord! Until now I have led hundreds of people to the Lord. And almost about 3,000 people who have one hand and one leg were shorter than the other was grown to the same length. Some short people also grew up from 1cm to 4cm tall. Sings and wonder were happened in my meeting. Such as the cross eye were healed, tumor was gone, the blind see, the dumb speak, the deaf ear hear…etc.

My vision is to see the people walking in the fullness of the Lord. And I pray that every one
will served the Lord and ready for Jesus 2nd coming! I am a travel minister and teaching

healing and deliverance; I need your prayer and finance support. If you have a heart for the lost, and you are unable to reach them, you may help me to fulfill the calling that God gives you.

When you obey the Lord for what He wants you to do, one day when Jesus comes, He will say to you: “My faithful servant, come in to sit with me and enjoy yourself.” And the people who got saved and healed through you, they will also sake hand with you: “Thank you for your prayer and your support.” Your reward in heaven will be great. May God bless you all!

Very truly yours,
Doris, Chou
God’s Eagle Ministry Int’l