It was a warm pleasant day by Thai standards, not too humid and not too hot. It was the kind of day where white clouds float across the bright blue sky and you want to stay out from morning to night so you can enjoy every minute of it. We were visiting Thailand’s ancient capital of Ayutthaya north of Bangkok with our dear friend, Jitrwadee. She wanted to share with us the amazing beauty of the ruins of the former royal palaces and temples there. We were walking through the temple grounds when Dionne’s sandal suddenly broke without warning. She was forced to hobble along but eventually was at a standstill while Scott went looking for a cheap pair of flip-flops among the temple market stalls. While he was gone, the girls became standing targets for all the sellers and beggars hawking flowers and trinkets for Buddha. There were so many poor just trying to survive from meal to meal. There were young boys, mothers, and grandmothers dashing about, trying to grab the attention and open the pockets of anyone who would take sympathy on them. A boy of maybe 10 or 12, who spoke a little English, was there eager to pawn small handmade bouquets of lotus. There was a Muslim woman pleading for meager sums of baht (Thai currency) for the little carved elephants she carried. These ones were not concerned for the Buddha or the ritual gifts and sacrifices offered daily by the faithful, they were simply desperate and in need. As Dionne and Jitrwadee stood there in the midst of the swarm they realized the beautiful opportunity presented to them to share God’s love with these hungry lost souls. The girls did buy some of the trinkets, but they also told about Jesus and what He did for all of us to set us free from our poverty of soul. Both the Muslim woman and the young boy yielded their lives to Jesus that day, asking Him to come and live inside of them. The woman looked at Jitrwadee through tears and said, “So this is peace! I’ve never known this feeling before.” The little boy beamed so brightly as he ran off to tell a friend to come to talk to us because “Jesus will take care of us from now on!”

This is the “as you go” philosophy of ministry that we follow. Wherever we go, whatever we are doing there are always opportunities to do the work that Jesus did in spreading the good news, healing the sick, casting out demons, even raising the dead, though it is only the raising of dead souls in which we have participated so far. The world is desperate for love and for the truth. We are so happy to play our part!

Dear Friends, Family, and Ministry Partners from around the world,

We are writing today to let you know about big developments that have taken place in our lives and the life of our NGO: Through the Veil Ministries. You may know that this past year has been a year of transition and change for us. Throughout nearly 14 years of teaching and ministering in South Korea, our partners and projects have expanded into 9 different nations so far! Consequently, over the last few years, we began to hear God tell us that it was time to move deeper into the work He has given us to do.


We have moved from our home in South Korea, and are in the preparations to begin our life as itinerant ministers, traveling between the nations we serve.

Because this is such a big change for us, we thought it important to write to everyone we have known from all the different seasons of our lives. You may or may not have been a part of our regular updates in the past, but we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to hear what is happening now and decide if you’d like to continue following us around the world.

God has challenged us to take this HUGE step of faith so we can devote our full attention to our many partners Through the Veil Ministries. Our hope is to eventually resettle in Thailand from where we will be free to travel among the various locations we serve bringing training, encouragement, and support to our different projects: building schools, planting churches, working on economic development strategies, and helping to grow 24-hour House of Prayer communities supporting the work of the Kingdom of God in each nation.

In the process of moving out of Korea, we have divested ourselves, once again, of our home and possessions. We are giving everything to GO and follow God deeper into His work in the nations.

Over the summer we had an initial two months in Thailand. It was wonderful and amazing to minister with our partners who are a part of the less than 1% Christian presence in that nation. It was truly a new experience for us to be in an overwhelmingly Buddhist nation where temples pepper the landscape and where Christianity is an extreme minority. We found that the average Thai is hungry for something so much more than they have known. They need peace and healing for the heart, mind, and body. We saw salvations, healings, and deliverance for so many. We preached and taught several times a week while participating in worship and prayer gatherings and also traveled around the country sharing God’s love with different people as we prayed over the land. Our Thai partners are hungry for the presence of God and are committed to the establishment of the House of Prayer. It is so exciting to be a part of this work, and there is still so much more to do!

Right now we are in the U.S. It had been over 16 years since we last enjoyed the holidays with our family in the States. It was wonderful to see everyone and enjoy some of our old traditions! We’ve actually had to take a longer time period in the States than originally planned so Scott could get some much-needed help with some medical issues. While here in the States we are also working on our websites and support systems in preparations to return to Asia, with plans to do various speaking engagements in Korea and then on to Thailand again. It is also our desire to travel to Cambodia and Myanmar as well this year if possible.

Some of What Our Ministry Has Done in the Past
Our ministry has been and is involved in many different projects:
~ In Cambodia: Caring for orphans and doing outreach
~ In Thailand: Supplying Bibles, teaching, preaching, and training alongside our partners, helping to establish churches in hill tribe regions, engaging in strategic evangelism, as well as a new Bible school in the works
~ In Myanmar: Supplying Bibles, ministering at our partner Bible school, doing conferences, and giving emergency care among a previously unreached people group
~ In Korea: Doing House of Prayer events, preaching & teaching in churches and conferences, and supporting our partners in their church, HOP, and ministry ventures
~ and so much more…

In the past, we funded all these different projects with our teaching incomes, traveling to the different nations in which we work whenever we had time off. One key aspect of this ministry is that we primarily work in nations among indigenous peoples in poorer regions. We do not charge for our services but give everything freely to those to whom God leads us. Through all of this, the ministry and our partnerships have grown and grown! Consequently, the many works of TTV Ministries and The Ring of Fire House of Prayer Network now need our full-time attention.

At this point, we need your help!
Quite honestly, our teaching salaries became insufficient to support ourselves and the work we now do in these various countries. In addition to this, we also continue to receive invitations into many more nations — only confirming to us even further the need to give all of our time to this work.

We are reaching out to you today to ask if you would be able to sacrifice with us to see the fulfillment of God’s plan to establish His 24-hour House of Prayer in the nations of the world.

We need to ask:
Can you make a sacrifice along with us to help support us and the work of our ministry?

When you give to TTV Ministries you’re not only giving to support us personally but your partnership with us also reaches into the nations in which we work. We need individuals, families, churches, ministries, and even businesses that are willing to financially give on a monthly basis! Of course, one-time donations are greatly appreciated too, but we really need monthly support and regular prayer to make this work.

There are many more people, just like the young boy and Muslim woman in Thailand, whom we have already reached, but there are still SO MANY more that need God’s love. We have given our lives for the call to GO to the nations! Might you be willing and ready to help send us?

If you’re able to give to our work, there are several ways you can do so:

1. Go to and use the “DONATE NOW!” button to make your monthly commitment or one-time contribution via credit or debit card.

2. You can also pay by card directly at .

3. If writing a check, please send to:
Through The Veil Ministries
c/o Pamela Rising
P.O. Box 1688
Sonoma, CA 95476

4. If you are in Korea, you can make a bank transfer to KEB-Hana Bank to account #620-199470-117 or at Woori Bank to account #1002-846-505416.

5. You can also give a percentage of all your purchases on Amazon by making Through the Veil Ministries your designated non-profit charity. Simply go to to sign-up.

We are so grateful to all of you for your love, your prayers, and your generous financial support. With your help, we can reach the world with the gospel, see great needs fulfilled, and establish God’s End Time House of Prayer! Great is the reward as we together store up treasures in heaven!
God bless you all!

With great love from all over the world, Scott & Dionne Husted
Through The Veil Ministries