By Jorge Parrott

In October 2012, I had a dream about the underground railroad. I grew up in Jacksonville, Illinois, a small Midwestern farming community. Prior to and during the Civil War, Jacksonville was known as a safe haven for moving former slaves. Several of the old homes are known for having underground railways where these former slaves came through town to resettle or to move farther north.This dream was about moving former slaves in the modern era. The passengers on this railway were Christians and Jews fleeing persecution and death. In the last four years, MorningStar Missions has been blessed to add anointed, faith-filled heroes to our network, while continuing to expand the kingdom of God in our network of missionaries serving in nearly fifty nations.

Helping the Persecuted Church

In many nations in the Middle East and Asia, MorningStar is being asked at this strategic hour to love, equip, and disciple many former Muslims for the great harvest at hand. As the end times accelerate, our present work includes freeing precious saints from prison and relocating them to safe areas. Often times, the wives of pastors recount horrific stories of being raped, sometimes daily by prison guards. Many times parents are separated from their children for days, or even months at a time.

Due to safety concerns and security threats, it is not wise to publish specific nations or names for obvious reasons. Through our embedded and trusted native missionaries, we are given amazing access and eyewitness accounts of what is really happening behind enemy lines. We are in the most amazing of times as God knits our hearts with strategic alliances and fellow brethren who share the Father’s heart of love for his persecuted saints.

Christian News Service

How valuable it is to get at the truth of the matter from trusted friends as God is building his MorningStar global community. For several years, Rick Joyner has prophesied the need for a reliable Christian news service. Increasingly we see many examples where the global mainstream media cannot be trusted to accurately report what is actually happening. Providing access to reliable news is in the very beginning stages, but the urgent need and potential for this area of growth is already quite apparent.

We thank our Partners for their heart for the nations. We covet your prayers and support as we must often move with speedy urgency to help save lives and restore families. How sad that we are increasingly hearing firsthand from our friends how the United States of America refuses asylum to those fleeing religious persecution. Some of those we have recently helped relocate to freedom have ended up in Canada and Finland because of the U.S.’s refusal to permit entry based on religious persecution, particularly Christians.

Rapid Response Team

There are times when we urgently need funds for these efforts. Our awesome volunteers, interns, and staff in the Missions Department serve as a rapid response team to save lives. You can support these efforts as God leads you by clicking the donate button on this page or by visiting and clicking on The Persecuted Church.

Thank you for your prayers.