By Jorge Parrott 

In an open vision during prayer, I saw the earth in the right eye of the Lord. Imagine what He sees and knows. Imagine His heart and passion for us all. He knows the hairs on our heads and yet keeps us from being destroyed by gamma bursts and crashing massive meteors. The Holy Spirit comes when we trust and allow Him to help and guide us through these turbulent times. If we love the Lord and obey Him, He always breaks through.

This year I have been blessed to get to travel to Cuba, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Guatemala. Working with pastors, missionaries, and leaders in sixty nations offers plenty of opportunities to love the Lord even more and to see His beauty of holiness in His human creations among many tongues and tribes in diverse cultures.

In each nation I visited, pastors asked, “What has happened to America?” These pastors said they are fervently praying for the United States.

Six years ago, the Lord showed me a vision of a giant gem captivating beyond description, with many facets shimmering with prismatic heavenly colors. Each facet was unique and beautiful in a powerful, dynamic way. The Lord asked me if I wanted to know Him more. I answered, “Yes, Lord, you know I do.” He then told me if I want to know Him more, then I must get to know His beauty through the creativity He demonstrates through the people groups (ethnos) He has made.

Our Missions Work is Not the Old Missions Model

As we learn to see with His heart and His eyes the uniqueness of His seven billion (or more) sons and daughters, our perspective of our own purpose and destiny is transformed. Within each precious life He has created is the seed of greatness through faith waiting to be tapped into. It is amazing that He speaks to us and pours out His perfect love in a way that compels us to “go and make disciples” of all nations.

We are called to take those we encounter into the presence of the Lord and allow Him to transform them, even those we might wrongly judge as not being worthy according to our standards or fit our parameters of who should fit in our ministry or church. We can learn how to truly love if we use sharp discernment by inquiring of the Lord about those He chooses for us to minister to. We can take them into His presence by loving them, as Bob Jones often said, and through prayer and worship, prophetic encounters, and by listening to their hearts.

No longer is the model what many have experienced in the past—that of a poor missionary coming to our churches seeking money and a handout. Rather, we are now involved daily in new mindsets, receiving whom the Lord would have us work with. After much prayer and discerning, we come alongside those He desires us to help.

Releasing the River

Our job entails many aspects which include helping people overcome religious and poverty spirits, as well as the spirit of rejection and shame, and raising up these new friends to know their identity in Christ. As we speak prophetically into their lives, many find peace, clarity, and refreshing through the Holy Spirit. Each week we see lives touched and transformed as we humble ourselves, seek to know Jesus more, hear His voice, and obey His call to action.

Our hearts burn to see the lost saved, healed, and delivered and to see destinies bloom into the heavenly ordained place of walking in true freedom and liberty in the Spirit.

Will you join us? Pray-give-go! All of us are called to act in faith to help fulfill the Great Commission. Each of us is on a mission from the Lord to allow Him to conform us into the image of Christ. Even “greater works than these” we will do (see John 14:12). Great exploits await us, if we surrender our lives for the greatest adventure.


We ministered to area pastors and leaders with prophetic ministry, and we enjoyed great fellowship.
We ministered to area pastors and leaders with prophetic ministry, and we enjoyed great fellowship.