By Jorge Parrott (all Scriptures NKJV)

This is that! Hope is being fulfilled and perfected even with all the turmoil, wars, rumors of war, earthquakes, mammoth hurricanes, fake news, and terrorism. We stand in portals of glory and God’s peace knowing all of His promises are yes and amen.

We see the Acts 2:16-18 prophecy unfolding before our eyes. It will only continue to increase:

But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel:

‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams. ‘And on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days; and they shall prophesy.’”

In the midst of expanding darkness, chaos, and evil, we see the body of Christ awakening. Like the sleeping giant in Gulliver’s Travels, the body of Christ has been tied down by tiny ropes of unbelief, lies, fear, and doubt. We are breaking the chains of self-imposed limitations with a fresh boldness and faith to take the land as we awaken to our true identity as sons and daughters of the King, Jesus. As more of the world’s problems are beyond human and earthly governmental remedy, the ecclesia awakening is releasing a new sound from heaven with clarity and revelation, providing answers and direction in the days ahead.

Much fruit is growing as our Father spoils us. Testimonies are increasing as we connect our teams in the U.S. to the sixty-nine nations we serve with depth of revelation, clarity, words of wisdom, and knowledge through our Prophetic Sky (Skype) Teams. Over two hundred volunteers in MorningStar’s Ft. Mill and Moravian Falls churches freely give their time and talent to bless the nations with intercession and prophetic ministry. We hear amazing testimonies of what the Lord is saying through this powerful team ministry of friends serving friends. Many times, the teams of volunteers are blessed as much as those they minister to, confirming that the Lord is present and strong each time. We need to be equipping everyone, not just those in full-time ministry or the clergy. The great harvest will be so big we need to equip the MorningStar global prophetic community to be ready for the tsunami of souls entering the kingdom.

Often, people ask what we do in Eagle Missions (also known as MorningStar/CM Missions), the official missions arm of MorningStar Ministries. We are on fire for more of the Lord releasing His holy fire while blessing with fresh bread from heaven and meat in due season—bringing His body together for completion of His heart and plans. New strategies are being released for how we can best impact the nations for the days ahead.

What We Do?

Simply put, this is what we do in Eagle Missions: We connect people hungry for genuine, authentic relationship with the Lord and His people. We are here to love, connect, equip, and send. Our purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission so that many can align with the Lord and our network of apostolic and prophetic leaders. We bring friends like you to the table of God’s love for common unity (communion) with heavenly strategies and divine encounters as we go on bold faith adventures that transform individuals, communities, and nations for the glory of the Father. Unlike many other ministries, we send over 90% of all mission funds received to the nations.

Bob Jones Radio Tower and the Ends of the Earth

Often in prayer, the Lord shows me the vision of the radio tower Bob Jones spoke about repeatedly. It sends out the Gospel message from a mountain in Moravian Falls to the ends of the earth.

Many are receiving revelation of what an amazing gift we have in this century to use technology for the Gospel. Along with online prophetic and intercessory ministry and leadership and mentoring, we use technology to expand the kingdom by producing and distributing micro-SD cards for delivery into many places Americans are not welcome.

We send these micro-SD cards into difficult nations with our trusted and proven network of missionaries who blend in much easier than we can in such places as Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Turkey, and other nations in the 10/40 window. We are able to place entire Bibles, courses, and the Jesus film along with MorningStar resources on these tiny storage chips in native languages to impact many with life transforming messages and worship.

In areas where we drill wells, we provide our pastors with a set of seventeen DVDs usable with any language. We also provide hygiene training, health education for women, children, and men, community development ideas, business training, and more. This leads to personal and community transformation and economic sustainability.

We are also launching micro-loans to help start chicken and goat businesses and sustainable agriculture methods. This produces businesses that help folks end systemic poverty, become self-sustainable, and break the entitlement spirit while building their faith in Jehovah Jireh, our provider.

The Lord’s Precious Children

We ask for your prayers in helping us with our growing number of beautiful children in many nations, currently over two thousand, many without a sponsor. These are orphans, but we prefer to call them “The Lord’s Precious Children.” These need love, a home, education, food, and clothing. For only a dollar a day you can change a life by helping them to know the love of the Father, and that they are not abandoned or forgotten.

Disaster Preparation, Disaster Relief, and Covert Missions

Last year, our generous Partners helped send over $50,000 to trusted members of our network in Cuba and Haiti to aid in rebuilding churches and members’ homes impacted by Hurricane Matthew. With hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we helped send teams to aid friends in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean nations of the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

When disaster strikes, our Rapid Response Team moves speedily to get funds to our friends with “boots on the ground” because they already live in the affected area and can get help to church family members quickly. Thankfully, none of our network members, churches, or families suffered injury or death during this year’s hurricane season. Some of our churches in Cuba suffered wind and flood damage, and many homes of our church families in Cuba and the DR suffered damage and needed emergency aid. Often the first thing needed is clean drinking water, food, and medicine. Thank you for your prayers and generous support in times of disaster.

Sadly, persecution and brutality is spreading in many parts of the world. Yet many unbelievers are coming to Jesus, even having visions and dreams of “the Man in white.” Several key friends risk their own lives and the lives of their teammates daily. They are actively engaged in ministering love and Jesus to refugees in Iraq, Syria, and other nations in the Middle East and Asia. At times they feed thousands each day and provide urgent medical care as they demonstrate faith in action. Often they face death threats and jail as well as real bullets and bombs. We do need to remember our brothers in chains. Your prayers and generous support help us save lives, ease the pain, and move people safely in our “underground railroad” network in the 10/40 window.

Launching Pastors and New Church Plants

Every year we launch many new pastors who have been trained with a solid biblical foundation in church planting to win souls, disciple the saints, and bring maturity in the body. As we sow into them, we make sure they teach the basics on sowing and reaping and tithing. This is a biblical concept for believers to know the reality of the Lord (see Malachi 3:10). It is also done for the pastors to see how the “order of the house” is established and maintained for the long term, until Jesus returns. To that end, we subsidize new pastors during their first two years to give them room to focus on their flock as shepherds, seeking the Lord, and raising up new leaders. For fifty dollars a month you can “adopt a pastor” to help them get established during these difficult first two years, helping to ensure their success and longevity.

We thank you for your prayers and generosity in our work around the globe to expand the kingdom and destroy the works of the enemy. To learn more or to invest in global futures, go to or call the Missions Office at 803-802-5544 ext. 392. You can also email us at

In Germany with refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan.
Anna Marie Parrott, Jorge Parrott, Andy Surace (MFM Pastor in NJ), and Tom Hardiman (MFM Director) praying for the President of the Dominican Republic.
(photo by Mary Anne Hardiman)
Anna Marie and Jorge Parrott: “The world is our parish.”
At Champion’s House Orphanage in AP State, India.
Rick Joyner, Osmani Sosa, Founder of Honoring the Father Ministries in Cuba, with Jorge Parrott and Al Wood. Here Osmani receives his Doctoral Degree, and he leads one of our MSU College of Theology satellite schools in Cuba.