Patrick & Soonja: December 2014

Dear Precious Interceding Friends,
     Hello.  He is good and His love endures forever!  We always thank God for all of your love and faithfulness to Him, the people of Turkey and Syria and to us in His labor here.  Praise Him!
     God has granted us some favor here in Gaziantep now as the court case opened against Patrick’s deportation has been decided in our favor.  That is, the deportation was found illegal and against the constitution of Turkey guaranteeing freedom to practice and propagate one’s religion and beliefs.
     We believe this is a great blessing to Turkey and the region.  Pray as we follow up on this decision.  We have started now a church association and now Patrick will try and get his resident permit again.  We had around one year left when it was revoked.
     In Suruc (and here now) we have amazing favor with authorities and locals.  Please pray that we take full advantage of this open door for the blessing of Turkey and Syria by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are meeting on Sundays as a church in Suruc and we are planning to have a representative office for the association at that address.  Many good works are taking place there with Farz (Daniel), Ibrah, Agt, Ceml, others laboring to help these poor ones displaced by great violence.  Please pray for more good works in the name of Jesus Christ there and as we continue in Gaziantep and for the gospel to take hold and spread rapidly.
     Pray for the prayer house here and the local church as we now are meeting in 7 groups and having monthly full church meetings in different locations.  God is blessing.  Pray immediately as an opportunity for two different buildings has come before us immediately again.  Pray for wisdom and speed acting on these opportunities according to his will.
     Pray for the Youth Group and for Korean Fan outreach at Gaziantep University today for God’s glory, many good relationships, God’s plan to be revealed, for Soonja, wisdom and Korean team.
     Pray for the secular film crew from foreign nation filming coal and other distribution tomorrow in Suruc and Gaziantep.  Praise Him!  Please pray more than anything for God’s glory.  We have no food but this and it is good!  Very good!  The best!  Praise Him!
In the King of Kings,
Patrick & Soonja, Joseph, Kayra, Ilyas
Gaziantep, Turkey