Patrick & Soonja: January 2015

Dear Interceding Loved Ones,

Hello.  He is good and His love endures forever!  We always thank God for all of you who are together with us in this kingdom ministry in Gaziantep, Turkey…please keep praying and don’t give up!  We have seen His glory and is increasing all the time here and in the region.  Keep praying!

This news clip was broadcast on one of the main television channels in Korea.  If you don’t speak Korean, still you can pretty much understand what is being said.  We were with our reporter friend helping him in filming for this report.  Basically it describes the situation with ISIS battling against the Kurdish YPG/Peshmerga and Coalition forces in Kobani and the resulting refugee situation in Suruc, Turkey.  The camp shown is representative of many camps and refugees living in abandoned, empty buildings or in unregistered camps in Suruc just a few kilometers over the border from Kobani.

Please pray and especially for the camp that is shown in this clip as we have been given great favor there and they have asked us now to minister to the kids every Saturday in the big tent they use for school during the week.  We would like to show gospel and positive films in Arabic and bless the kids with other activities.  Please pray!

Also, keep praying for:

  • Syrian Learning center funding, favor from neighbors, staff, foundations in Jesus
  • Three day a week school for Syrian refugees in another part of the city
  • Turkish leaders to rise up with vision, Kamber, Sinan, Mustafa (his wife Meryem went to be with the Lord last week), Haris, Oguzhan, Doguhan (left for one year bible school in Ankara two days ago), Leyla, Mehmet (open, not fully believing yet), Serif (just received Jesus at New Years prayer/worship around midnight Wednesday)
  • Syrian (Arabic) church: Ethem, funding to leave Job and work full time in the church and aid ministry.
  • Praise God for renting new facility for church association (very large, easily accessible, flexible)
  • Continuing to build up cell groups
  • Patrick won his deportation case but still does not have a resident permit, pray for favor from national government and local police and also we applied for Kayra’s residence and still have not received it after 4 months.  (Praise God one brother in Istanbul got life residence in Turkey!)
  • Praise for government allowing a large Christmas tree to be placed across from the largest Mosk on the Asian side of Istanbul and allowing a dedication ceremony with local pastors speaking and the singing of Christmas carols.
  • Praise God the 24/7 Christian Turkish television channel which had been broadcast from a European satellite now will be broadcast from a Turkish satellite which will increase the number of views to a large extent.  Praise Him!
  • Pray for continuring Korean Fan, Youth Center and church/ministry center in Suruc for locals and refugees from Kobani.
  • Partners in Harvest Church Association has been accepted as a legal entity in Turkey.  There are 7 founding members and now we must complete membership with a minimum of 16 members.  Pray that we can began to operate properly according to government standards for this and that God will provide right people for the various roles within the association structure…also for our accountant who will handle financial issues, that he comes to know Jesus and works well together with us.  Praise Him!
  • Praise God for his goodness and that our names are written in heaven!  This is all for His glory!  We have no other purpose in this life or the life to come…it’s the same by the way!  Praise Him!  Give everything to Him!  You won’t be disappointed!

    In Wonderful, Counselor,
    Patrick & Soonja, Joseph, Kayra, Ilyas