Kajjubi: May 2012



Fathering the Fatherless

Dear Family & Friends – Hope you and your family are doing well! It has been 6 months since Raphael was here to invest some precious time and share about what God is doing there in Uganda! Since that time God has been doing some AMAZING things! It has been such a blessing to have your prayers and financial support to help us with Reign-Bow Int’l Ministries.

We are living by Matthew 13: 44 & 45 which say, “The kingdom of heaven is like hidden treasure in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field. Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.” We, & our family, as well as Raphael, Allen & their family are FULLY committed to fathering the fatherless as Jesus did, there in Kampala.

Here are some of the AMAZING things God is doing in Kampala:
We had a medical outreach with medical students from the local university ministering to the people of the neighborhood community. Over 200 people were seen and cared for in some tangible way.

On Good Friday we showed the “Life of Jesus” video, in Lugandan, on the outside wall of our KJM church. With 300 to 400 in attendance we saw 30 people give their lives to Jesus.
A couple of days later on Easter we again had a full house as more people came to Jesus and then we had a wonderful time of thanksgiving to God for what He had done on Easter evening.

On May 1, we celebrated 1 year in our KJM/RBIM facilities. We had a wonderful time of being together as a family and had a wonderful celebration meal. Just a few days ago, the youth pastor of KJM led a youth gathering with over 600 young people attending! There was a time of worship and dedication of their lives to serving the Lord wholeheartedly!
There is also another school, right near Raphael & Allen’s home, which has opened up to have KJM movie ministry in any Sunday. Yesterday, June 12th KJM showed a movie on Moses and the 10 commandments. This coming Friday will be career guidance day. Both students and teachers will attend as KJM brings godly counsel on what the future WILL hold for everyone there. Please pray for us as we speak God’s good plans & purposes into their lives.

Meanwhile here in the US we have made many new connections some of which are that we have sold quite a bit of the SASCU jewelry through a sandwich shop in Elgin. We have also been on the radio to share about RBIM. We have also made a connection with a local car dealer who is helping us make some connections with The Rotary Club.

We would like to invite you to be a part of what God is doing in Uganda. Here are some very practical ways in which you may partner with us. We are looking for new business contacts to make an eternal investment in Uganda. Africa! We would like you to help us by making connections with people whom you know have a heart to pray and give financially into the work in which we are involved.

Financial support is truly needed as we prepare for our upcoming ministry trip from July 21st to August 8th. Marcia, Eric and Natalie Haskins will be joining me on our ministry trip. As you may recall the primary area in which the 200+ up & coming young pastors & leaders desire to be mentored is marriage and family relationships. With most of the 40+ generation eliminated due to the wars and AIDS, we will be building relationships with them and encouraging them as the Lord prepares us. Eric and Natalie will be sharing their testimonies at another youth gathering (see above) and ministering to the community through the vehicle of sports. The estimated cost will be $13,000 which includes some support for the people to whom we are ministering. We are trusting God to provide for that which He has called us.

We are developing a mentoring ministry for the former street children. John 10:3 says Jesus knows his own sheep by name, and He has placed on our hearts to not only learn the SASCU children by name, but to have someone speak into each of their unique lives. We will do this by mentoring and encouraging through writing letters to them. When Mike was there in, January 2011, they asked him, “Do you know my name?” They seem to be crying out to be known as individuals. We want to fulfill Christ’s calling to love & shepherd the orphans. Please contact us if you would like to mentor a child.

We are also looking for volunteers to host a jewelry party on behalf of these children. The proceeds help to support their education, living and medical costs.

Lastly, but most importantly, we are desperate for your continued prayer support! Please pray that God will prepare us for our trip in July. We are so excited but want it to be a fruitful time that will accomplish all God has planned! Please let us know if you would like to receive email or FB updates while we are there.

Please prayerfully consider what He would have your involvement to be. If you feel led to support us financially, either for the trip or on an ongoing monthly basis, checks should be made out to CMM (Christ’s Mandate for Missions) and given directly to us so that we can track the gifts and send them in. You will receive a tax deductible receipt directly from CMM.

Trusting in Him – Mike & Marcia McLeland and Raphael & Allen Kajjubi & families
Co-Directors of Reign-Bow Int’l Ministries