Othieno: May 2016

Greetings from your dear friends in Uganda – thank you for your prayers that made us to come out with the below Ideas:

We decided as Tororo church to sell out half of our church land at give away price @ only $1,000 and also we have decided to sell of some of the Tororo church matches @ $ 500,Kampala, Tororo and friends had earlier collected $915, now we have $2,415 and there is no way again on our side to get any money. Balance is 3,985 to help Kampala church. the the city council have given us the last warning, and it looks  in the next two days they can do us a harm and a very big loss that we have labored for all these years, moslems are also admiring our plot to buy as for them they have money this is a secrete  we are told.

We  here humbly request you send us the balance $3,985 Sir on the account No I sent to you and help this situation end and we shall all give thanks.

Thank you for all you do for Gods glory and for the good of Gods children internationally. We love to put foreword to you and all your staffs the risen KCC Kampala City Council new order from the town mayor .

The notice has been passed that all temporary buildings and kiosks within KCC should be destroyed and our church is affected. We are renting a half plot land @1500,000 per month as land rent, we put up a temporary church hall of both the roof and he wall are iron sheet and it has been marked for destruction at the time when the church was so much moving well.

We have been given three conditions:

1. To put up a permanent church hall
2. Rent a permanent church hall
3. Buy land and present a church land lease application request to KCC for 1 year grace period to remain in that temporary hall as the church plans to buy land and put up a permanent church hall.

The church has a achieved 60 plastic chairs and a public address system for both the church and open air evangelism.

Dear CMM,

we love to thank praise God and thank Him for answering our prayers by giving us and orphanage land worth $8000 .

We also love to thank CMM USA for their generous financial support and prayers to our projects, family and the church needs.

We still trust God for His provision for funds to build or buy  a house for  the orphans under our care for their safety and comfort in this year 2016.

We request for your prayers and support towards accomplishment for this orphanage project.

Pr John Othieno

CMM Ambassador Uganda