Norah: June 2017

Dear Dad,

Thank you so much for the wonderful prayers offered to me, ministry, family and orphan ministry.

Your prayers have made me strong, church ministry and orphan care program.

God has been faithful to me, you one translated a dream that I believe the lord himself led you to clearly make me understand it.

God has been watching on us, As Elim Four Square Gospel Alliance of Uganda ministry, we are so grate full that the lord has been good, our ministry is growing, and the offices from National department, district, and Assembly level is so vibrant with programs that run from January to December and carrying out its programs effectively.

The orphan ministry care and general children’s ministry is doing well, we now have orphan primary school that is in support of the orphan and vulnerable children with education, these children have been nurtured well and brought up well with Christian morals.

The beads and jewelry making has been so good, this is been made by children themselves, with the intension to teach them skills, and as well the community comes to learn from them,   the lord is bringing people to buy these crafts from us, this has helped us to raise funds and its turn to be major source of income to support the orphan project, also sometimes paying teachers’ salaries. This   has been of grate help to Nurture a Child Uganda abbreviated (NACHU).

As nurture a child Uganda, we also thank God that we recently got an opportunity to go for a training on Hope  Alive counselling in Kampala , counseling traumatized children by Mount Joy College in British Columbia, this was a big  achievement because dealing with traumatized children needed experience on how to handle them and talk to them.

One of our staff after wards was offered to train on trauma competent care giver in Nairobi by Back to Back Ministry in the USA and in partnership with orphan promise.

However, we praise the lord for all the above,

We request for prayers for the List below.

There is hunger situation that has heat our region, many families are starving, however much  people are digging but there are worms that are destroying crops, so as much  as the rains have returned  there is no harvest realized and this has caused food shortages and high food prices for the available little in the market.

The ministry is struggling with water crisis, the long drought has dried up the existing wells and normal rains have not returned. We experience some few days of rains and many days of scarcity of water. It’s very unusual of the past years, where there is consistency of heavy rains and drought at different intervals. This would help the community with water to irrigate the crops and have good harvest as the weather has changed in our region, this can reduce on food shortages.

Another prayer request is general support for the ministry, as we struggle to help our Christians the ministry needs support to help the Christians.

We recently gave food to the old age group but it was not able to meet all the demand but we would love to give improved seed which are resistant to pests , be given  to the energetic people so that they can grow this to raise food .

Yours prayers to me, ministry family and orphan children work is highly appreciated.