Alissa Cooper Sande

Purpose: The purpose of Heart For Uganda shall include, but shall not be limited to, inspire faith, hope and love in the country of Uganda and all related matters by partnering with evangelical Christian non-profit organizations.

Vision: To assist the Ugandan people in creating a better future for themselves and others through a personal relationship with Christ.

Mission Statement: The mission of Heart For Uganda shall be to restore joy, hope, and enduring value in the lives of the Ugandan people and to physically demonstrate the transforming love of Jesus.

Motto: “Restoring Hidden Treasures for God’s Kingdom.”

Theme Scripture: “He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor…” I Samuel 2:8

Tasks Accomplished in 2011
:: Opened McFarland Memorial Medical Center.
:: Registered 50 more children in the Sponsorship Program.
:: Met many physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the Ugandan people.
:: Obtained a land title for the children’s land.
:: Almost completed construction of the children’s dormitory (Palace of Treasures).
:: Constructed 7 homes for the local people.
:: Improved Agriculture Project, Carpentry, and Brick Projects.
:: Expanded Church Ministries and saw increased growth and spiritual maturity in members.
:: Began Youth Ministry Outreaches through Field Day Events (Sports Days)
:: Expanded the Children’s Ministry Program, which included building a structure for their services.
:: Broadcasted a Weekly Radio Program.
:: Conducted Weekly Healing and Deliverance Services and Bible Training Seminars.
:: Hosted two mission teams.
:: Increased the ministry labor force in Uganda.
:: Developed and cultivated a Heart for Uganda in the lives of many.

Project Goals for 2012
:: Expand and enhance Medical Services offered through McFarland Memorial Medical Center.
:: Register 50 more children in the sponsorship program, both for full and school sponsorship.
:: Improve sponsorship services and communication both in the US and in Uganda.
:: Finish construction of first and second story of Children’s dormitory (Palace of Treasures).
:: House abandoned/neglected children in Palace of Treasures and provide loving care to them.
:: Have clean running water accessible to Medical Center and Children’s Dormitory.
:: Install a Septic System for Constructed Buildings.
:: Construct 8-10 homes for local people and 25-35 latrines.
:: Enhance Agriculture Project with assistance from Ugandan and American Interns.
:: Have Electricity Available on our Children’s Village.
:: Expand Church Ministries, including Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, and Hospital Ministry.
:: Host Mission Teams.
:: Increase the ministry labor force in Uganda.
:: Continue to develop and cultivate a Heart for Uganda in the lives of many.