Othieno: April 2018

Dear Jorge

Greetings to you all and wish you the best in your family and ministry,the following are all you requested from me over the latest FB you sent to me for funding from your donors..


P.o Box 1122 Tororo Uganda Mob:256-755-910275


VISION:Education for all orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.


1.3 Teachers salary     @ $705 per teacher…………………..………… $2117

2.Help Teacher            @ $352……………………..………………………..$  352

3.4 Teachers brake fast@ $423……………………..………………………..$  423

4.4 Teachers Lunch     @$1129………………………………………………$ 1129

5.Teachers Transport  @  $847……………………..……………………… $   487

6.Cook                         @ $420……………………..………………………..$   420

7.Water Bill                  @ $105……………………..………………………..$   105

8.Class and Compound Cleaner @ $450……………………..………….$   450

The total No of children in year 2018 are 62 of three classes with 3 main teacher and one help teacher in case of any teacher sick or in problem.

1st Teacher for baby class with      24 children

2nd Teacher for Middle Class with 22 Children

3rd Teacher for Top Class with      16 Children

Our first priority request is No 1 above [3Teachers three teachers salary]

Your in Jesus Love

Pr John Othieno

CMM Uganda

Norah: June 2017

Dear Dad,

Thank you so much for the wonderful prayers offered to me, ministry, family and orphan ministry.

Your prayers have made me strong, church ministry and orphan care program.

God has been faithful to me, you one translated a dream that I believe the lord himself led you to clearly make me understand it.

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Othieno: June 2016

Dear Jorge and Anna,
Thank you so much for your continuous prayer for our family,project and ministry,we are glad to tell you that we had a fund raising meeting on 11/6/2016 as I had informed you earlier the money is intended to buy a a project orphans living house at a cost of $9000 and the following team of people attended and gave as follows in $ cash.

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Othieno April 2015

We are happy to tell you about our teachers.
First standing is teach RODA her bio is as follows. she was born among many children and her father and mother are protestant by faith after her secondary school she got born again in our church and later after my advise she joined a nursery teachers college,and she joined the school as a volunteer teacher in Feb, she is single lady in her twenties she is ADHOLA by tribe.

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Othieno: May 2015

Greetings of peace from Pr John and Regina Othieno in Uganda,
new orphans were brought to us lately for free education.
Their old and helpless grandparents raised these kids all over the Sub County of Rubongi. We have a total of 74 children wo come to us for free education (nursery, elementry, high school).SAM_0744

Kajjubi 2: May 2012

Reign-Bow Int’l Ministries on the MOVE April 2012
Dear –

In these last 6 months, God has continued to MOVE RBIM faithfully FORWARD. Here are some of the highlights!!

3 of 5 children, of a moslem widow’s family, accepted Christ as their Savior and are being disciple through King Jesus Ministries (KJM)!

God completely eliminated the $8,000 of debt which was leftover from our first team ministry trip to Uganda last July/August so that we ended 2011 in the black! God allowed enough financial seeds to come in so that we were able to receive much needed support for pastor Raphael & his family as well as ours!

God has linked us with another organization, in Elgin, called Women of Grace and Dignity to partner in an initiative called, “Esther’s House project”. This is an AWESOME project to set up Esther, who is a single mother in the KJM church, to make BEAUTIFUL dyed silk scarves there in Busega – UGANDA, market & sell them here in the USA. Esther has 3 wonderful children named Elijah, Miriam & Samuel who are TOTALLY committed to the plans which God has for their lives!! It is our desire to see this first project become a model to be duplicated many times to help uplift the lives of other “Hidden Treasures” of Busega, Kampala – UGANDA!

God has opened the doors to different churches, businesses & other groups to be able to market & sell the BEAUTIFUL African crafts which we brought back with us. These have been made by the women of KJM under the direction of pastor Raphael’s wife, Allen. Similar to the “Esther’s House project” many of the women are single mothers who desire to be able to provide the essentials of life including school fees for their children.


Kajjubi: May 2012



Fathering the Fatherless

Dear Family & Friends – Hope you and your family are doing well! It has been 6 months since Raphael was here to invest some precious time and share about what God is doing there in Uganda! Since that time God has been doing some AMAZING things! It has been such a blessing to have your prayers and financial support to help us with Reign-Bow Int’l Ministries.

We are living by Matthew 13: 44 & 45 which say, “The kingdom of heaven is like hidden treasure in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field. Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.” We, & our family, as well as Raphael, Allen & their family are FULLY committed to fathering the fatherless as Jesus did, there in Kampala.

Here are some of the AMAZING things God is doing in Kampala:
We had a medical outreach with medical students from the local university ministering to the people of the neighborhood community. Over 200 people were seen and cared for in some tangible way.

On Good Friday we showed the “Life of Jesus” video, in Lugandan, on the outside wall of our KJM church. With 300 to 400 in attendance we saw 30 people give their lives to Jesus.
A couple of days later on Easter we again had a full house as more people came to Jesus and then we had a wonderful time of thanksgiving to God for what He had done on Easter evening.

On May 1, we celebrated 1 year in our KJM/RBIM facilities. We had a wonderful time of being together as a family and had a wonderful celebration meal. Just a few days ago, the youth pastor of KJM led a youth gathering with over 600 young people attending! There was a time of worship and dedication of their lives to serving the Lord wholeheartedly!
There is also another school, right near Raphael & Allen’s home, which has opened up to have KJM movie ministry in any Sunday. Yesterday, June 12th KJM showed a movie on Moses and the 10 commandments. This coming Friday will be career guidance day. Both students and teachers will attend as KJM brings godly counsel on what the future WILL hold for everyone there. Please pray for us as we speak God’s good plans & purposes into their lives.

Meanwhile here in the US we have made many new connections some of which are that we have sold quite a bit of the SASCU jewelry through a sandwich shop in Elgin. We have also been on the radio to share about RBIM. We have also made a connection with a local car dealer who is helping us make some connections with The Rotary Club.

We would like to invite you to be a part of what God is doing in Uganda. Here are some very practical ways in which you may partner with us. We are looking for new business contacts to make an eternal investment in Uganda. Africa! We would like you to help us by making connections with people whom you know have a heart to pray and give financially into the work in which we are involved.

Financial support is truly needed as we prepare for our upcoming ministry trip from July 21st to August 8th. Marcia, Eric and Natalie Haskins will be joining me on our ministry trip. As you may recall the primary area in which the 200+ up & coming young pastors & leaders desire to be mentored is marriage and family relationships. With most of the 40+ generation eliminated due to the wars and AIDS, we will be building relationships with them and encouraging them as the Lord prepares us. Eric and Natalie will be sharing their testimonies at another youth gathering (see above) and ministering to the community through the vehicle of sports. The estimated cost will be $13,000 which includes some support for the people to whom we are ministering. We are trusting God to provide for that which He has called us.

We are developing a mentoring ministry for the former street children. John 10:3 says Jesus knows his own sheep by name, and He has placed on our hearts to not only learn the SASCU children by name, but to have someone speak into each of their unique lives. We will do this by mentoring and encouraging through writing letters to them. When Mike was there in, January 2011, they asked him, “Do you know my name?” They seem to be crying out to be known as individuals. We want to fulfill Christ’s calling to love & shepherd the orphans. Please contact us if you would like to mentor a child.

We are also looking for volunteers to host a jewelry party on behalf of these children. The proceeds help to support their education, living and medical costs.

Lastly, but most importantly, we are desperate for your continued prayer support! Please pray that God will prepare us for our trip in July. We are so excited but want it to be a fruitful time that will accomplish all God has planned! Please let us know if you would like to receive email or FB updates while we are there.

Please prayerfully consider what He would have your involvement to be. If you feel led to support us financially, either for the trip or on an ongoing monthly basis, checks should be made out to CMM (Christ’s Mandate for Missions) and given directly to us so that we can track the gifts and send them in. You will receive a tax deductible receipt directly from CMM.

Trusting in Him – Mike & Marcia McLeland and Raphael & Allen Kajjubi & families
Co-Directors of Reign-Bow Int’l Ministries


Othieno: Photos: April 2012


Photos of HIV/AIDS women clients, older people and newly registered orphans to our free nursery school:

1.HIV/AIDS clients women being counseled,comforted and being informed on the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS,and living positively with HIV/AIDS done by the ministry chairperson.

2.A group of older women standing next to the church block.Seated are older people being comforted by Pr John Othieno at the church centre.


3. Newly registered orphans to our free nursery school.

Pr John Othieno
Tororo Uganda

Kajjubi: April 2012

Raphael Allen and Girls.jpg


We were truly blessed to get to know Pastor Raphael Kajjubi, his wife, Allen, and his children. They have precious and humble hearts before the Lord, and serve Him with faithfulness.

We had dinner with Raphael and his family the first night we were in Kampala. During that time we got to know each others hearts — Raphael shared with us his passion for intimacy with the Lord and the importance for emphasizing God’s love and grace in his ministry. In fact, he shared these things with us before we told him our hearts. We ministered in his church on New Years Eve, and Sunday am, January 1st. Then we had dinner in Raphael’s home on Monday followed by a special meeting where we ministered to his church leaders. On New Years Eve we also ministered briefly in a church that was planted by a man he raised up and is a spiritual father to.

Pastor Raphael fathers many and four or five of his disciples have begun churches and other ministries. Most of those he reaches are fairly young, but he is faithfully training and preparing them for future ministry. We were truly encouraged by the good work that our brother is doing in Kampala. Even Kenya is now being impacted by his work. We also took note of the tender love he shows his flock.

After completing our ministry with King Jesus Ministries we spent five days with Pastor Evah Mugerwa’s ministry (widow of Bishop John Michael Mugerwa). Raphael borrowed a car and made an effort to visit us one last time before we left Uganda. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and prayer together. Truly our hearts are linked with this family through Christ’s love. We have attached a picture of Raphael and his family.

We both loved Africa and look forward to returning when the Lord sends us again.

Love to you all,

Steve and Karen

Paul, Rachael and Kea Adams

An hour down the billy goat trail they call a road lays Kamuli Uganda. A little dusty town where you can buy a few luxuries like toilet paper or light bulbs. =) We are 5 kilometers outside of that town. The screaming of 221 kids marks the spot we are calling home. Our official title seems to be gofer. We have filled a spot (or are trying to fill it) in a ministry of a long time friend. The ministry is called Uganda Orphans Fund. Children at risk from all parts of the country have been searched out and brought here to our home. We feed and clothe, put through school and love as best as we know how. It is amazing how quickly you can fall in love with ornery kids that you can only have limited conversations with. Wanting only the simple things in life such as some beans and Posho (a corn flour paste), maybe an empty water bottle, some physical touch that is pure and seasoned with love rather than various forms of abuse that they were previously accustomed to. Their stories are all different some have lost their families to aids, some to war; some have families steeped in witchcraft. All are here because Jesus stretched out his hand and snatched them out of the enemies best laid plans for them. They have seen tragedy we can only shudder to imagine. Some of them came to us with STD’s even though they weren’t any older than 8 years old.

The Gospel is still the good news! The darker the night the brighter the morning! We recently took in some children from a local orphanage that the police had closed because they had been involving the children in the sex trade. We see the fear melt in about 2 days, but in our heart we know that Jesus still needs to invade the darkness in their memories and bring light and healing. It is coming. The Lord is faithful and insistent on their freedom! We can only offer ourselves to his work and open our hearts and arms and love and pour out the spirit for all we are worth! 221 kids make us scream out to the Lord for him to send laborers into the harvest! To love, father/mother, teach and disciple.

We need to raise them to healthy mature Spirit filled believers that can change the corrupt part of their culture and trade it in for Kingdom culture and values! We are not sure how long the Lord has called us to work here, but we want to blow the whistle and call for reinforcements. Reinforcements in prayer, in person (come visit or work with us!) or anyway you can invent! We thank you for standing with us! Bless you all. Pray for us! The task is bigger than we are…=)

Blessings and a new fire upon you all!

Paul, Rachael and Kea Adams