John and Regina Othieno

John and Regina are ministers who faithfully serve the heart of God in Uganda. Their vision and mission are expressed below.

VISION … Promoting Christianity, good moral behavior, harmony, healthy living and socio-economically empowering communities and orphanages in Uganda.

MISSIONĀ … Spreading the gospel of Jesus and Empowerment of under developed communities in Uganda through support of health, education, household income, orphanage, HIV/AIDS counseling, youth, widows and old peoples’ programmes:

1. To preach and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people and to prepare a people like Christ, with good moral behavior; a people living in hamony with each other and thus promoting Christianity in Uganda.

2. To put up an orphanage and ensure that all orphans are well catered for by giving them basic needs e.g [a]physiological needs (Security and safety); [b] Social needs (Love and belongings); [c]Self esteem (Self respect / happy with ones character and ability; confidence).

3. To establish a school that shall provide free education to orphans and volunerable children in un-developed communities in the Tororo District.

4. To put up a health centre that shall provide health services to orphans, people with HIH/AIDS, widows and elderly people in poor and un-developed communities in the Tororo District.

5. To provide support to elderly people e.g [a]shelter [b]food [c]treatment and comfort.

6. To provide skills to youth from poor families and un-developed communities and to school drop-outs. Skills in [1] brick making, [2] concrete practice, [3] welding and fabrication, [4] carpentry and joinery, and [5] tailoring and designing.

The attached photos are the areas we operate and even more… ”

Pr John and Regina Othieno
Tororo Uganda E. Africa