Paul, Rachael and Kea Adams



Paul, Rachael and Kea

An hour down the billy goat trail they call a road lays Kamuli Uganda. A little dusty town where you can buy a few luxuries like toilet paper or light bulbs. =) We are 5 kilometers outside of that town. The screaming of 221 kids marks the spot we are calling home. Our official title seems to be gofer. We have filled a spot (or are trying to fill it) in a ministry of a long time friend. The ministry is called Uganda Orphans Fund. Children at risk from all parts of the country have been searched out and brought here to our home. We feed and clothe, put through school and love as best as we know how. It is amazing how quickly you can fall in love with ornery kids that you can only have limited conversations with. Wanting only the simple things in life such as some beans and Posho (a corn flour paste) maybe an empty water bottle, some physical touch that is pure and seasoned with love rather than various forms of abuse that they were previously accustomed to. Their stories are all different some have lost their families to aids, some to war; some have families steeped in witchcraft. All are here because Jesus stretched out his hand and snatched them out of the enemies best laid plans for them. They have seen tragedy we can only shudder to imagine. Some of them came to us with STD’s even though they weren’t any older than 8 years old.

The Gospel is still the good news! The darker the night the brighter the morning! We recently took in some children from a local orphanage that the police had closed because they had been involving the children in the sex trade. We see the fear melt in about 2 days, but in our heart we know that Jesus still needs to invade the darkness in their memories and bring light and healing. It is coming. The Lord is faithful and insistent on their freedom! We can only offer ourselves to his work and open our hearts and arms and love and pour out the spirit for all we are worth! 221 kids make us scream out to the Lord for him to send laborers into the harvest! To love, father/mother, teach and disciple.

We need to raise them to healthy mature Spirit filled believers that can change the corrupt part of their culture and trade it in for Kingdom culture and values! We are not sure how long the Lord has called us to work here, but we want to blow the whistle and call for reinforcements. Reinforcements in prayer, in person (come visit or work with us!) or anyway you can invent! We thank you for standing with us! Bless you all. Pray for us! The task is bigger than we are…=)

Blessings and a new fire upon you all!

Paul, Rachael and Kea Adams