Raphael Kajjubi

Raphael’s Vision is based on a dream which the Lord gave him. He is called to reach nations, especially looking to release local, indigenous, people for ministry.

We, as directors of RBIM, are on track (According to the dream). We are (bringing) God’s governance here on earth, as it is in heaven, in Africa beginning with Uganda, the USA and the world. The seeds of faith which have been sown by all of our friends and partners of RBIM, over these past 2 years, are beginning to work in the hearts of the people of Uganda. They are beginning to trust and pastor Raphael was encouraged to know that people are watching.

For a long time, not many Americans could totally trust to reach the African people, through indigenous people. By choosing to do that RBIM has been blessed to see how much has been done through the seeds of faith which have been sown. Raphael trusts that we are yet to see a multiplication, like we have never dreamed or asked for!

Since the beginning, we (pastor Raphael & Mike and families) have committed to a genuine brotherhood. Many people look at Mike as being completely one of them, a Ugandan! Raphael has felt the same way since he came to Crystal Lake!