Kajjubi: April 2012

Raphael Allen and Girls.jpg


We were truly blessed to get to know Pastor Raphael Kajjubi, his wife, Allen, and his children. They have precious and humble hearts before the Lord, and serve Him with faithfulness.

We had dinner with Raphael and his family the first night we were in Kampala. During that time we got to know each others hearts — Raphael shared with us his passion for intimacy with the Lord and the importance for emphasizing God’s love and grace in his ministry. In fact, he shared these things with us before we told him our hearts. We ministered in his church on New Years Eve, and Sunday am, January 1st. Then we had dinner in Raphael’s home on Monday followed by a special meeting where we ministered to his church leaders. On New Years Eve we also ministered briefly in a church that was planted by a man he raised up and is a spiritual father to.

Pastor Raphael fathers many and four or five of his disciples have begun churches and other ministries. Most of those he reaches are fairly young, but he is faithfully training and preparing them for future ministry. We were truly encouraged by the good work that our brother is doing in Kampala. Even Kenya is now being impacted by his work. We also took note of the tender love he shows his flock.

After completing our ministry with King Jesus Ministries we spent five days with Pastor Evah Mugerwa’s ministry (widow of Bishop John Michael Mugerwa). Raphael borrowed a car and made an effort to visit us one last time before we left Uganda. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and prayer together. Truly our hearts are linked with this family through Christ’s love. We have attached a picture of Raphael and his family.

We both loved Africa and look forward to returning when the Lord sends us again.

Love to you all,

Steve and Karen