January 2020 CMM Highlights at the Home Office:
We feel it is time to refresh, revisit and sharpen our focus at CMM Global and we have asked our board members and key staff, and one of our network ministers to pray and seek the Lord on what we need to do to reach more souls, be more fruitful and also reduce or eliminate from our schedules allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us in every area.  These have been fun and creative as ‘lay all our cards’ on the table for the Lord to show us his heart in these fast-changing times.
We are engaging more of our global family, students, and graduates of CMM College of Theology, ordained ministers, by having guest speakers at our regular CMM Oasis meetings and also our CMM Council of Issachar. Oasis is for fellowship in our ‘family.’ The Council of Issachar is an online prophetic round table focused on a particular topic or region of the earth.
  1. In January we had one session focused on the fires in Australia featuring our good friend who lives in Australia, Anita Alexander.
  2. We were really blessed by Peggy Anderson sharing at our CMM Oasis on Ecclesia in our day with many Biblical references and great fellowship.
  3. We are so thankful for our new Accreditation approved in November as part of AICCS in addition to maintaining our 13-year affiliation with NCCT. Dean Dr. Nancy Daniel has worked very hard for years to grow our CMM College of Theology in excellence and offerings to our precious students and graduates in many nations.  We will now be able to offer MDiv Degrees in addition to our other Degrees. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness always. Many of our students and graduates are passionate and so fruitful in their spheres of influence.
  4. I continue to serve on the Advisory Board of Save The Persecuted Christians and we meet weekly for updates from the front lines and advocating for government intervention in many nations, including the US to stop the suffering and violence as persecution spreads. Please pray for our brethren facing death and violence in Nigeria, India, Pakistan, and many other nations.
  5. Thank you Donna Mims for sending out the many prayers requests and thanks to our many intercessors for pressing into the heart of the Lord and praying for our dear family.
  6. Thank you Kathleen Flory for overseeing the Prophetic Teams that blesses so many missionaries and friends of CMM globally.
Bless you and thank you for praying for CMM and the global family advancing the Kingdom of God on the earth today.