Dear friends in Christ,

As you all know, Gb’s tribe (Ganbold, Ishi, Sam, and Miriam) recently came back from our second family mission trip to Chicago and Washington, D.C. Thank you for your prayers and support. Our hearts are filled – filled with gratitude, joy, burdens to pray, and the Holy Spirit. It was a life-changing, meaningful, and joy-full experience. 

I had the opportunity to share briefly about our experiences with a few of our friends. This is actually our first mission report ever. It is hard to find the words to describe what we saw, felt, and experienced, but to encourage some of you to consider joining mission trips in the future, we will try!

Summer revival

July 5-15, 2019, Chicago IL

In 2016, we went to Chicago, prayed and connected with Pastor Batbold and his wife Miga, planting seeds in that area. During this time, we believed that God will send us again soon for these churches and Mongolian Christians who live in Chicago. So we were waiting for God’s timing while praying and fasting for our next trip! God showed us the right time and sent His Word of Knowledge

Seven months before our mission’s trip, we contacted Pastor Batbold and his wife Miga (Evangel Mongol church), and they organized two Sunday nights with three other churches. They received a word that God will bring Revival into Chicago through Mongolian believers, and named the event “Summer Revival.”

On the “Summer Revival” gathering, by the will of God, I shared from my Doctorate thesis about “Returning to God” and the “Come” the open invitation of the Father of lights. Understanding how important it is when you return to the Father, touched their hearts and people gave their lives to Jesus again.

Sharing Word of Knowledge: God showed Ishi His Words of Knowledge 1-2 months before our mission trip. And God gave an encouraging and restored His people. He showed her lady who works at a cleaning company and had lost her husband a long time ago. The first meeting was small and in pastor Batbold’s church. Ishi shared a Word of knowledge with one of the ladies. In the meeting, there was another lady who lost her husband and worked as a maid. God touched her heart and healed her with no one praying for her. She cried and praised God. And one morning, God woke up Ishi and told her, “Her kidney is unhealthy, tell her to drink more water and clean your kidney.” She said God, “God, my kidney is fine, let me sleep.” But God pushed her and told her again, “Wake up, drink water!” So Ishi woke up and drank water. And telling God, “My kidney is fine, why you woke me up? What is it?” He said, “You will find out soon!” And during breakfast, Ishi asked Miga, asking, “Do you know anyone who had kidney problem? God woke me up and told me…. “But Miga shaking her head and said nothing. And that evening we had a gathering and end of gathering Ishi asked people, “Is there anyone who has kidney problem last several years?” Few ladies were sitting together, and they all pointed one lady. And Ishi shared what God told her and how to take care of her kidney. And a few weeks before our trip Ishi gotta Word of Knowledge from God about a former boxer from another church who left his career encouraged him. And that meeting Ishi also asked one lady who called Tugsuu that God gave her Word for that lady. All of them they said, “Yes, there is a lady called Tugsuu, but she’s not here today with us.” And Miga turns on her phone and do video record for Tugsuu and send it to her. That words for her. 

And for the first time, my family served in worship team both Sunday services and “Summer Revival” gathering. 

Also, we visited Christian families during the weekdays, shared God’s words with them, and He encouraged each and every one of them every time! We met pastors that we haven’t met before and had fellowship with all of the Mongolian churches’ pastors and leaders in Chicago. 

They asked about the Mongolian Bible translations because we were using the translation from the original texts of Scripture. Ganbold explained the translation philosophy and methodology as well as the process of checking and approval of the United Bible Society to them. We heard that many are willing and choosing the correct translation of the Bible in the Mongolian language. God already prepared their hearts, and it was a blessed time! 

A New Season is coming

July 16-18, 2019, Washington D.C

This was our first trip to Washington, D.C. We went on our prayer walk around the National Mall, Virginia Ave, Pennsylvania Ave, Arlington, area. Tried to connect with Mongolian Christians, churches, and leaders. God allowed us to connect with pastor Tsoomoo, and we were able to visit one of his home groups, and it wasn’t a comfortable place spiritually. They were mostly correcting and doubting, and whenever they’d ask a question, they’d twist on the answers and refused to understand the sayings in the Bible! But thanks to the intercessors and prayer partners, God opened their hearts while the Holy Spirit started to flow in the room. At the end of our meeting, everybody was encouraged thanks to God’s words, and we spent a pleasant time with them! 

Two months ago, God gave a Word of Knowledge to Ishi while she was praying for this group of people. She asked their pastor, “June 27th… is this date related to you?” He said, “Yes, that’s my wife’s birthday. How did you know that?” And Ishi explained to him how she got the Word from God and how He wants his wife and family brought upon this season to finish and start a brand new season that’s been waiting for him and his family!” The pastor also mentioned that he had purchased flight tickets on June 27th, 2013, from Mongolia to the USA and gave his wife as a present. Pastor Tsoomoo gave us feedback that he was in grave doubt and despair, and this Word of knowledge touch his heart and strengthened his trust in God.  

We were so thankful to God and His Word restoring His people at the right time! 

God turned the bus!

We used public transportation while we were in D.C. One evening, we took the bus to the place that we were staying at. It was an hour-long trip, and we’d missed the bus stop. I ran to the bus driver and asked her, “If it’s okay, could you please drop us here because we missed the bus stop.” She stopped the bus in the middle of the woods, there was no other transportation, with nobody there. We were getting off the bus to try to another bus to connect with to take us where we needed to go. We tried opening the map on our phones but couldn’t find any service! Suddenly, the bus driver knocked on the window and signaled for us come back inside the bus. She said, “You know what, I will turn the bus, and you guys let me know where to stop, nearest to your place.” We were surprised, Ishi was quietly asking herself, “Is she an angel?” If the bus driver hadn’t helped us, we would’ve been walking for at least 40 minutes. Thanks to God and our “Angel bus driver,” we walked for only 10 minutes. All four of us saw how God can lead us and send His Angels to us! 

All in all, this trip was fantastic, especially spiritually, it was a new level of ministry for our family and for those who we ministered to. I want to thank all of you who supported our trip through intercession. We couldn’t have done this without you! 

Lastly, we want to thank and give Glory to God for using us to serve His beloved people in Chicago and D.C.

Next Journey in October 2019

I am grateful to share our next trip to Chicago in October! God opened the door, and Pastor Batbold, Miga and other pastors and leaders are requested “Inner Healing” Conference for Mongolian Churches. We believe this is the opportunity to serve and minister to Mongolian Christians in Chicago, and it will stir their hearts for the revival. We are seeking your prayers and support for this mission’s trip, and if you would like to go with us as a team, please let us know! 

If you can assist us, we would ask that you forward any donation in the enclosed envelope with a check or money order payable to CMM World with my name on the memo line. The trip is being funded entirely through donations and by those going on a mission trip. Every penny collected will be used to directly benefit the outreach to the people of Chicago and the missionaries.

I thank you in advance for your prayers and your financial support. May God bless you, richly! 

In Christ’s Service, Ganbold Noosov and Ishi

Last Sunday, Carolina “Faith” Mongolian Christian church and Carolina Mongolian community celebrated Mongolian Independence Day together. There was a 16 families and their children. And two families from Inner Mongolia.

Inner Mongolian Families find our announcement from our church Facebook Page.