DAVID BATES, USA Evangelists

Mission Statement

Ministry Vision

Our heart for ministry is best expressed through three scripture passages that have been highlighted to us as we’ve sought The Lord. In Isaiah 58 God highlighted to us the call to reach out beyond our own interests to the broken and needy around us and in other cities. In Isaiah 61 He revealed the purpose of His anointing on our life is to preach good news, set the oppressed free, and to restore generations back to Him. And in Psalm 2:8 The Lord has challenged us to ask Him for nations. Our journey in responding to these callings is just beginning, although we’ve been in pursuit for several years.

Michelle and I have been involved in short term mission trips since 2006 going to Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Singapore. During those mission trips we have had a chance to preach the good news to thousands, seen several hundred come to The Lord, watched The Lord heal hundreds through prayer, loved on orphans, helped with small construction projects, and been involved in training others in ministering the gospel in word, signs, and deeds.

Trumpet Call School of Supernatural Ministry (TCSSM)

In September 2014, we launched the Trumpet Call School of Supernatural Ministry to meet an equipping need we see in the mission field. The school is provided online and sponsored by Trumpet Call Ministries, affiliated with MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries and Morningstar Missions. The school is designed to equip the believer to operate in the fullness of the Holy Spirit given to the body of Christ.

These first-year courses are designed to provide foundational teaching and introduction into ministering prophetically and in healing. Some of the topics covered in the first year include God’s purpose for creating man, releasing revelation and understanding for your call and destiny, understanding how God speaks, interpreting revelation, prophetic intercession, receiving words of knowledge for healing, and providing inspiration for the believer to pursue the two greatest commandments: loving God with all our heart and loving people.

The courses are designed with five different teaching elements to provide a variety of learning experience and to reinforce truths being taught. Each week the student will have a number of assignments to complete. Assignments include videos, interactive discussion questions, assigned reading, practical application, and periodic instructor Q&A discussions via Skype.

We are in the process of offering this in both English and Spanish. The Spanish courses will be offered to start the fall of 2015.

The Lord has been good to us and we have been asked to minister in several other countries including countries in Central America, Europe, and Asia. The teams we have either led or participated in focus on the following ministry areas:

  • ¬†declaring God’s word through preaching and teaching
  • imparting gifts of the Spirit through laying on of hands and prayer
  • leading souls to salvation through evangelism outreaches
  • healing the sick
  • personal prophetic ministry
  • teaching seminars on the power gifts of healing, prophecy, and deliverance
  • loving and spending time with orphans and those less fortunate