Tent of Hope

God’s glory will fill the earth and the outcast will have access and fellowship with God again.  

Los Angeles, CA Skidrow

Joelle Jean Norman BIO

What the enemy had planned for evil, the Lord has turned out for my good. God is a good Father and has always carried me. My beginnings are tragic, but the Lord has always had a plan for my life. My mother, Carla Valines unmarried, gave birth to me when she was 17 years old, and with a different boyfriend gave birth to my little brother when she was 18 years old. Within a year of my brother being born, we were all in a car accident that took her life. My little brother and I were cast on to our grandmother who, although only in her 40s at the time, became very sick. We could not stay with her for very long. She was dying. A family, from the church that my grandmother was a member of, agreed to take us in for several months, and then the Norman’s agreed to adopt us.

The adoption process took about 5 years for both my little brother Jeffery and I. However, he never made it to the end of the process. Our adoptive parents divorced when we were 8 and 6, and while visiting our father a fatal accident took Jeffery’s life. My baby brother was electrocuted in the bath that was supposed to be mine. Our mother struggled to raise the remaining three kids, myself and two of her own after this tragedy. Furthermore, our father was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

My adopted mother was Christian and tried to the best of her ability to raise us in the Assembly of God church. Her parents Bill and Marti Phipps have been in ministry for most of her life. However, I struggled with finding acceptance and felt I could not relate to my mom and the other kids. I would seek family through friends’ families. I felt abandoned and all alone. Everyone from “my” family was dead. Then when I was 15 years old my adoptive father committed suicide. My mom had since remarried a very good godly kind man, but I had fallen into a dark pit and they did not know how to help me. Eventually, my adoptive mother and her husband kicked me out of their house. I was handed off to many family members and friends of the family. After having lived in five different places the course of that year while trying to finish high school, I too tried to take my own life.

In the midst of the hardship of that senior year of high school in 1997, I was offered an opportunity to go into Teen Challenge in Bakersfield, California. Here I desperately cried out to God and He radically encountered me with His love. I fully surrendered everything to Him and began intense discipleship. I was also baptized in water during my first few months of being in Teen Challenge and baptized in the Holy Spirit during the second phase. The Word of God became everything to me and I fell in love with it during my time in Teen Challenge and while in the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute. Sensing that God had a call on my life, I felt I was supposed to be a preacher. There have been many ups and downs during my Christian walk, but I have always felt called to some aspect of ministry. Over the years, I’ve served under various ministries, however, now I believe the Lord is wanting me to begin to finally branch out and step into what He is calling me to do.


For nearly 20 years now, I have known that God was calling me to help facilitate 24-hour prayer and intercession in the earth. Before the International House of Prayer began in Kansas City, it was a revelation to me that God was going to raise up 24-hour houses of prayer and worship all over the earth in relation to the Amos 9:11 verse regarding the restoration of the Tabernacle of David. I will explain how I came to this revelation a little later, but to start I would like to share how I knew God was calling me to this particular mission.

Upon graduating from the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute in Los Angeles in 1998, the First Assembly of God Church in Bakersfield requested that I come and lead their Kids Club program. It was during one of these ministry times that a mother of one of our kids asked me to come to visit her church. The night I visited, I was asked to go up to the pulpit and give testimony in front of the whole congregation. Out of nowhere, unrehearsed and unplanned I just began preaching and, in a sense, prophesying that God was going to raise up 24-hour houses of prayer and worship. I explained to the congregation what the Tabernacle of David was and how it is going to be restored on the earth. As I drove home that evening, I was in awe and completely surprised by what had come out of my own mouth. I asked the Lord, “Who is going to do this?”, and He said to me, “You are.”

Within only a few months, my situation had completely changed and I was no longer able to stay in Bakersfield, CA. I had no other choice but to move back home to Kansas City. I did not want to leave California at that time. I had such high hopes for the city I was in, and God had given me a heart of intercession for it. The Lord was moving in such a powerful way, and I was seeing my prayers being answered. He was doing so much in and through me. At that time, I was not a part of a stream that operated in the prophetic or intercession per se, but the Lord Himself was training me in it. Nevertheless, I wasn’t able to continue therein Bakersfield and had to move back home to KC.

It was tough coming back, but the Lord was still at work. He was teaching me how to hear Him and how to pay attention.  I began noticing patterns and numbers. One such pattern was a very large amount of Toyota Forerunners. It’s as though they were everywhere and they began increasing; to the point that one day I was on my way to work and a silver Forerunner pulled out in front of me and immediately I said to myself, “Sheesh, I want a Forerunner!” In that very moment, I saw a flash of a vision before me, it was the face of Jesus with His arm outstretched and his finger pointing at me. He said, “YOU…are a Forerunner!”

I still did not understand what a Forerunner represented. That evening I received an email that was addressed to many of the leaders I had served under in Bakersfield, but my email address was not there. I suppose I was blind carbon copied. Anyhow, it was a message from Barbara Wentroble teaching on the Forerunner anointing. I was beyond ecstatic. She revealed that a “forerunner” was a John the Baptist type who foreran the coming of Jesus, and at the end of the age there will be a whole company of people like John the Baptist, with the Spirit of Elijah, who will prepare the way for Jesus’ return. I printed out as much as I could of the email from my parent’s computer and took it with me to church that evening. Todd Ganovski, who was one of the original worship leaders from the International House of Prayer, just happened to be visiting the church I was attending, and I was able to show him my email. He encouraged me that…I was a Forerunner and that I should come to the International House of Prayer.  Up unto this point, I did not know where it was, nor did I know anyone that was a part of it. Although my family was heavily involved in church, we were not a part of any stream that operated in intercession and the prophetic.

I started attending IHOP in Kansas City in 2000, and although the Lord had revealed to me that He wanted to raise up 24hr houses of prayer and worship all over the earth, I still had not put two and two together that IHOP in KC was such a place. Also, because I felt I had failed in California and that I had to give up what I felt God was calling me to do there; I was in a state of despondency when I began attending IHOPKC. Nevertheless, it had been God’s plan all along to bring me into the International House of Prayer so I could learn how a 24-hour intercession and worship ministry works.

I remained in KC for 7 years serving in all aspects of IHOPKC: as a singer, prayer leader, prophecy and healing teams, bookstore, and in the kitchen. I was a rare local that served the IHOP missions base. Yet, all along, I longed to return to California. Then one afternoon the Lord led me to the following scripture which corresponded to a dream I had the night before. I have held on to this scripture and it is partly why I feel He is calling me back to California now.

Jeremiah 31:21-2 “Set up signposts, make landmarks. Set your heart toward the highway, the way in which you went. Turn back, O virgin Israel. Turn back to these your cities. How long will you gad about, O you backsliding daughter? For the Lord has created a new thing in the earth- a woman shall encompass a man.”

Nevertheless, it wasn’t God’s plan to move me back to California any time soon. Instead, as my 7 years had come to an end in Kansas City, He revealed to me that He wanted me to move on to the Carolinas. I knew, also, that the Zadok House of Prayer had just begun in Fort Mill, SC. So, in 2007 after The Call in Titans Stadium on 7/07/07, I was to go on to Fort Mill South Carolina and become a part of Morningstar Ministries for 10 years. I also served in the Zadok House of Prayer under Kirk Bennet for the short duration they remained.

These 10 years have been simultaneously bitter and very sweet. I have had major struggles and at the same time have had some incredibly wonderful gifts from the Father of people entering into my life to help me. My struggles began in 2008, I joined a group of people from Fort Mill who went to Israel to set up a “tent” to bring 12 days of non-stop worship to the Jewish people there. This was one of the toughest events I’ve had to endure as a Christian. I ended up getting kicked out of our group because of something I said that was taken as a rebuke to the people I was with. I didn’t see it as a rebuke but apparently it wasn’t my place to say. They made me go to stay in a hostel in the Old City by myself. When I returned to the states, I gave up. I told the Lord that I didn’t want to hear what He has to say anymore because it gets me into trouble. This wasn’t the first time I had been persecuted for something that I had said that I felt was from the Lord.

Unfortunately, this led me into a time of “gadding about” (as the scripture in Jeremiah 31 speaks of) for almost 6 years from 2009-2015. I still attended church and loved God in my heart but I was very reluctant to serve in any capacity. In 2012, I had a dream in which a woman came to me twice in the midst of what seemed like end-time chaos, war, and natural disaster. She was urging me to become a part of the army of the Lord. I woke up wanting to heed this prophetic dream and made an effort for a few months. However, it wasn’t until 2015 when the Lord really began to speak to me that it was time to get out of the situation I was in and turn back to Him fully. I started back by going into Todd Bentley’s School of the Supernatural. Then in 2016 I experienced many struggles with coming out of compromise, as well as, people turning on me in every sphere. Nevertheless, simultaneously I knew God was about to do something very powerful in my life.

There was a shift that came about at the beginning of 2017. Many began recognizing my call to ministry and began encouraging me in it. In January, I was given a prophetic word that I needed to begin doing Facebook live videos. I did my first video being moved by the Father’s heart for the prodigals in February. However, I was still in limbo trying to figure out what He was calling me to do here in the Carolinas and at Morningstar.

The Bob Jones Vision Center had opened as a prayer room, and so I was attending prayer sets and sought to become a part of it knowing I was called to help build the House of Prayer. In my pursuit to be a part, I met with its leadership and was completely open with them sharing everything that I had gone through growing up, as well as, what I had experienced during the most recent season of turning back to the Lord fully. However, as I sought to get on a team as a singer, I was told by the worship leader that the BJVC leadership told her that I wasn’t allowed to join her team because they had me in a “vetting” process.

It has been almost a year now and I am still waiting for this leadership to meet with me and finish this vetting process so that I can join the prayer room. Anyhow, now, the time has come for me to leave so it is obvious that the Lord did not want me to help build the House of Prayer at Morningstar. I’m just putting my trust in Him. He knows the plans He has for me.

Then in June of 2017 the Father avenges me in a mighty way. He calls me out through Shawn Bolz during the Thursday morning session of the MFM Leadership Conference. Here is Shawn’s word transcribed:

“Is there a Joelle or a Jolie Jean? Is it Joelle or Jolie? Is Jean your middle name? Do people call you that? Did you ever live on a Wilshire? I just kept hearing that the Lord is saying He’s going to resource you. He says you’re my prototype for resource today; that there are things on your life that He can’t resist resourcing you for. And He knows you by name. He knows your intimate frame. And there is something that He promised you in your lifetime. There are many things that He has promised you, but there’s been something that he has promised you that has been way delayed…way delayed. And I feel like it involves some relationship and some purpose, and partnership. And I feel like the Lord is saying, like Daniel from the first day you prayed and gave your heart to God in that purity. From that first day, you prayed there was a war in the heavens and there was an angel…just like the angel comes to Daniel and says, I was sent from the very first moment you prayed and gave your heart to God this way, but there was this big of a war in the heavens over it. And He goes, but now there is no more delay. And I feel like I was called here to call you out this morning and say there is not going to be a delay any more about the things that God, the secrets of God in your heart and some of the things he promised you about 6 years ago and some of the things he promised you beyond then. But 6 years ago, 2010-11 that season there was a lot of promise that went into your life, and God is saying I’m going to harvest the promise for answering the promise and you’re going to be an example of a tree of life as a promise fulfilled. No more hope deferred and you’re going to help a whole community of friends get out of hope deferred because you’re going to look at your life and say all things are possible to those who believe. So, bless you.”

This word was a total encouragement from the Father and has transformed me. It has set me on a new journey filled with purpose and vision. A year prior, I had gone to California for Azusa Now, and while I was there, the Lord spoke to me and told me He was bringing me “full circle”. I knew this to mean that He was about to bring me back to California! Then when Shawn mentioned Wilshire, I knew that to mean Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. I realized God is calling me back to the Los Angeles area (“these my cities” Jer. 31:21).


Within weeks of this transformational word in July, I decided to visit Los Angeles. It was 10 years to the month from when I arrived in the Carolinas. While there I was able to visit the places of ministry that I was a part of 20 years prior. Upon returning to the Carolinas I began researching jobs and came across an organization called Path which helps the homeless acquire housing. On July 18th, 2017, I posted the following to my Facebook page,

“Thinking of the lost gifts and talents of the thousands of Homeless living in hope deferred. Jesus said to me a few days ago it’s not a Homeless problem it’s a Hopeless problem. Praying and thinking of them today. Particularly those living on Skidrow. Jesus bring back hope to these your Beloved Ones, the lost angels of Los Angeles. He told me this morning they are the My overlooked angels of Los Angeles. I ministered to these with TCMI in my teens. Never thought the Lord would bring me back to have a heart for them nearly 20 years later.

Who wants to start a house of prayer with me at the heart of Skidrow to bring the power and presence of God back to this region, and to dismantle the demonic strongholds, to create a City among these of Hope…a Hope City in the heart of the city?”

After I posted this, I could not sleep that night. I began imagining what it would be like to have a 24-hour house of prayer there in the heart of Skidrow. I imagined having a building with gated parking in the back to protect singers, musicians, and prayer leaders who would come to do sets there. I imagined 24-hour security monitoring the activity in and around the premises. I imagined metal detectors at the entrances, and what it would be like if I opened the microphone up to the homeless for them to pray for their situations. I imagined the demonic manifestations that would come out of some individuals, and I imagined the horrid smell of many. It was overwhelming.

Getting only a few hours of sleep that night, I wake early the next morning with a simple vision and a burden for Skidrow in Los Angeles. The Lord revealed to me that most everyone sees them as a stain on the cities. The large corporate institutions and even average people just want to get rid of them. But the Lord said to me, “It’s not a homeless problem as they see it, it’s a hopeless problem. See the individual. I love them and I value them. There is tremendous gifting and talent that I have placed in these ones, but they are living in hope deferred.” Then I remembered Shawn’s word, that I would bring a whole community of friends out of hope deferred.

That morning as I lay on my bed pondering, the Lord showed me, a simple white canopy tent set up there on the street with the rest of the tents of the homeless. I saw the simple set up of just a worshipper with a guitar, a speaker, a microphone for intercession, and white folding chairs set up in front of the tent. I saw curious individuals coming up to listen who were free to come and go as they pleased. We weren’t there to put on a concert for them, but to enable them to join in worship to God and intercession for their region and their situations. He reminded me of the many connections I have there with the Dream Center, the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute, Expression 58, and HRock. He revealed to me that there were even undercover Christians in the entertainment industry who are musicians and singers who would want to give back by helping to do sets. He began to give me the strategy of how to change the atmosphere over that region and to dismantle the stronghold of the enemy through starting out small just doing prayer and worship sets for a couple of hours at a time.

As I sat down to read my Bible and pray later that morning, my Bible falls open to 2 Chronicles 20:17. I immediately read it because it was already highlighted. It says:

“You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourself, and stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, who is with you, O Judah and Jerusalem. Do not fear or be dismayed…go out against them for the Lord is with you.”

The significance of this scripture cannot be stressed! First of all, it is 20:17 and I believe a promise for me in 2017. Shawn mentioned the battle in the heavens over God’s promises to me, and that the battle will be over in 2017. Secondly, I questioned the Lord in regard to going out into Skidrow knowing the forces of darkness that we would encounter there. Yet, here the Lord promises that we will not need to fight in this battle. Verse 20:15 is also very significant declaring that “the battle is not yours, but Gods”. I read on to 20:20 and this is when I knew God was speaking to me.

“…Jehoshaphat stood and said to the people, “Listen to me…Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets and you shall prosper.”

Through this verse, I knew the Father was telling me to believe Him and to believe what Shawn Bolz came to declare over me. As I read further, my strategy for Skidrow is confirmed even more. Verses 21-23 goes on to explain that Jehoshaphat then appointed those who would sing to the Lord and the people were given stringed instruments, harps, and trumpets. As they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set up ambushes against their enemies. If we think about it, this has always been the strategy of God to displace the works of darkness from the beginning. Why would it be any different now? The tribe of Judah which represents “praise” was always the first to be sent out into battle.

Since that day in July when the Lord began to burden me with a heart for Skidrow, I have had countless confirmations in the scripture and encounters with people that have encouraged me in this vision. The Saturday of the Wild Love Conference at Morningstar, I sat with two women and I felt led to tell them what God has put on my heart. After hearing me, one of the ladies being filled with excitement, began to share in detail how their House of Prayer in Michigan was moved to one of the most dangerous, darkest places in the city there. She goes on to explain that as a result the crime rate and drug use of the area began to go down to the point that even the local police began to take notice and started working with that House of Prayer. This was the encouragement that I needed to confirm the strategy for Skidrow. I found out later that the crime rate in Kansas City where the original International House of Prayer is located has also dropped significantly since its inception. Of course, it may take years for such effects to take place in Skidrow, but I believe it is God’s strategy.

The Lord has really given me a heart of intercession for Los Angeles as a whole, and He’s led me to passages of Scripture such as Ezekiel 36. Ezekiel is commanded to prophesy over the mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, and desolate waste places of Jerusalem, and I perceive the Lord is wanting a company of prophets to do the same over Los Angeles. Ezekiel declares over Jerusalem that it shall be filled with the people of God again and its shame removed. I believe this is God’s heart for Los Angeles.

After reading chapter 36, I went on to Ezekiel 37, and being moved in intercession I began to cry out on my knees with tears for God to raise up an army of Prophetic Worship Warriors. I began calling forth the prophets from the Black church in LA, the Spanish church, from E58, from the entertainment industry, from the Asian churches, and from Skidrow! These will be undercover agents of God who know that through their praise, worship, and intercession they are dispelling the current rule of darkness and helping to establish a dwelling place for God’s kingdom rule in Los Angeles.

Powerfully, the next day I randomly opened to Ezra 5 which is speaking of the restoration of the Temple of God during Ezra’s day. It had already been underlined so I read the passages:

Verses 1-2 “Then the prophet Haggai and Zechariah, prophets, prophesied to the Jews who were in Judah and Jerusalem, in the name of the God of Israel, who was over them. So, Zerubbabel…and Jeshua rose up and began to build the house of God which is in Jerusalem; and the PROPHETS WERE WITH THEM HELPING THEM.”

After coming across these passages, the following evening at the Morningstar School of the Spirit session, I have another encouraging encounter. I just happened to sit next to a woman visiting Morningstar who has a ministry to the homeless in her hometown. After I told her my vision, she felt led to tell me prophetically that what I am going to do will be spectacular and she declared over me that I am a warrior. Little did she know, I had been praying that God would raise up an army of Prophetic Worship Warriors.

The Lord keeps confirming His heart and giving me direction. One such directive came about in the word as I was researching Isaiah 58. I wanted to study these passages because this is what Shawn Bolz’s ministry Expression 58 is modeled after. I figured I would be attending E58 once I transitioned to Los Angeles. Verse 13 was a revelation to me saying that if I will turn away from doing my own pleasure and speaking my own words on the Sabbath (Saturday), but instead make that day a holy day of honor unto the Lord then He will bless me. Through this passage, I knew the Lord was telling me to set aside Saturday as a day of prayer and worship. He also showed me, this is the day I am supposed to go out to Skidrow and set up a tent with a worship team. We will be accompanied by those from the Dream Center who already go there every Saturday to minister.

On the morning of Saturday, Sept 2, 2017, the Lord beautifully reveals more of His heart. He simultaneously led my roommate Jill Weeks and myself to Psalm 84 as we were separately praying for Skidrow and Los Angeles. We were shocked to discover that we had both been lead to it and as we read it together we wept. It was so perfect and timely. We received just so much insight from this one psalm. It starts out:

Verses 1 and 2: How lovely is Your tabernacle, O Lord of hosts! My soul longs, yes, even faints for the courts of the Lord; My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.

I have personally felt the same longing for God’s presence and earlier that morning while still on my bed, I had a thought that the people there on Skidrow are also longing for God’s manifest presence. Suddenly, as we are reading this passage, my roommate declares while shedding tears, “The people are longing for it. They are crying out for God’s presence.”. She did not know that I was thinking this earlier. We realize we must bring God’s presence to them. To set up a tent (or tabernacle) with live worship and intercession there in the tent city of Skidrow is to restore a place for God’s presence to dwell among them. This is what the restoration of the Tabernacle of David is all about.

As I have stated in the beginning, the restoration of the Tabernacle of David was something I understood to be on God’s heart when I lived in California nearly 20 years ago. I read about it in the back of my Spirit-Filled Life Bible and it just made sense. I began telling everyone that God was going to raise up 24-hour houses of prayer and worship. The description of the Tabernacle of David in the back of my Bible reveals “a place where David taught the people how to worship God with praise, thanksgiving, and rejoicing”. It says that some sixteen ministries were ordained to be performed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week from that place.

I recently discovered that the page numbers of this excerpt in my Bible correlate to the current time. Page 2015 in my 1991 Copyright Spirit-Filled Life Bible begins speaking about the Restoration of the Tabernacle of David. Page 2017 is when the excerpt explaining the restoration of the Tabernacle of David ends. 2015 is when I had an about-face, turning back to the Lord wholeheartedly. Then in 2017, is when the Lord began downloading my part in what the restoration of the Tabernacle of David will look like. When it comes to God, I do not believe there are coincidences. The Lord knew the numbers of these pages would be significant to me.

On page 2015, the Tabernacle of David is described as “a revolutionary departure from a system of separating God from the people”. It goes on to declare, “the restoration of the Tabernacle of David means doing away with legalism, judgmentalism, and condemnation, and turning to the hurting people of the church and the world with the open and accepting arms of a loving God.” The verses used to describe what this will look in action is Acts 15. In Acts 15:15, Paul, Barnabas, Peter, and James are addressing the Jerusalem Council and James quotes Amos 9:11 speaking of the Restoration of the Tabernacle of David. In Acts 15:19, James says:

 “It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God.” (Acts 15:19 Thompson Chain NIV Bible).

This is so powerful. Just think how difficult it has been for a homeless person to enter the House of God. When we read this, my roommate and I began weeping more. This is God’s heart! The excerpt goes on to say, “The Lord is inviting all to turn to Him, to let Him wipe their sins [and tears] away, and to receive the refreshing that comes from being in the very presence of the Lord”.

The passages from Psalm 84 goes on to read:

Verses 3 and 4: Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young— even Your altars, O Lord of hosts, my King and my God. Blessed are those who dwell in Your house; they will still be praising You [when You return].

These people live in tents, they don’t have a home, but God is declaring to them, “I will be a home to you. My manifest presence will be, to you, a dwelling.” Also, just as these are homeless, God is looking for a home, a dwelling place on the earth. Yes, He has made a way to dwell in the hearts of His people, but there is coming to a manifestation of His tangible glory that will fill the earth again before Jesus returns. Psalm 22:3 says, that God inhabits the praises of his people. Another version states that He is “enthroned” on the praises of His people. Our effort to establish night and day prayer and worship is for the purpose of facilitating a place for His kingdom rule and power. In this instance, it is to establish a place for His glory to dwell among the “tent city” of these people.

These tents of night and day worship and intercession will be raised up all over the earth creating an atmosphere for God’s presence to dwell among us. The homeless on Skidrow are going to find that they have something in common with the God of the Universe. Just as they are living in dwellings without brick and mortar…in a tent, God has also chosen to manifests His presence in a tent without walls.

Psalm 84 goes on to say:

Verse 5:  Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, whose heart is set on a pilgrimage.

These scriptures are referring to the pilgrimage that the Jews took every year as they went up to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles which literally means Feast of Tents or booths. Interestingly, I am also set on a pilgrimage…to Los Angeles during this Feast of Tabernacles, in order to set up a tent to worship the Lord. This particular Jewish holiday was a command to journey to a place that God has chosen, where they should appear before Him and worship Him there (Deuteronomy 16:16). The Feast of Tabernacles happens to fall this year on the first week I plan to arrive in Los Angeles. It is also the same time period that Awakens the Dawn is setting up their “tent city” in DC.

Friday morning of the Wild Love Conference August 22 is when I first heard the vision of the Awaken the Dawn team. I was astounded. David Bradshaw shared that God has given them the vision to set up tents with night and day worship and prayer all over the United States. To them, the gathering of the 50 tents in DC during the Feast of Tabernacles will be the beginning of it.

Significantly, also, this year marks 50 years since the reunification of Jerusalem. It is considered a year of Jubilee not only for the Jews but for those who have been grafted in as God’s people. Prior to 1967, Jerusalem was a divided city, and in comparison, I believe, Los Angeles has been a divided city. Throughout the world, Los Angeles has been named and known now for the darkness that has been coming out of Hollywood. Nevertheless, there is still a remnant of God’s holy people who hold on to the spiritual heritage of what God has done there in decades past. Recall the powerful move of God in the early 1920s when Aimee Simple McPherson’s ministry was in full swing. Consider William Seymour who led a prayer movement to start the Azusa Street Revival bringing back the powerful workings of the Holy Spirit. And remember the Jesus Movement which catapulted a mass harvest of souls during the late 1960s 50 years ago. I believe, the Lord is moving on many hearts to prepare for another mighty outpouring of His Spirit now 50 years later.

However, we are not preparing for just another movement. We are preparing for Jesus’ return on the earth.  The season of the Feast of Tabernacles is very significant in that there have been many schools of thought that believe Jesus will return during the Feast of Tabernacles when He does return. We are preparing for His return. I believe that just as much of the Old Testament had to do with building the House of God to make a place for His presence to dwell among them, that the end-time generation will also focus on building a dwelling for God’s manifest glory to prepare for the end-time return of Jesus. This is one of the expressions of the forerunner spirit of the end of the age. It is in the atmosphere of constant prayer and praise that He sets up His kingdom rule just as it is in heaven. The Lord is enthroned on the praises of his people.

Continuing in Psalm 84:

Verses 6-9: As they pass through the Valley of Baca (weeping), they make it a spring; the rain also covers it with a pools (blessings). They go from strength the strength. Each one appears before God in Zion. O Lord of hosts, hear my prayer; give ear, O God of Jacob! O God, be our shield and look upon the face of Your anointed (commissioned one).

Skidrow is currently a valley of weeping. However, I pray, as we pass through with praise we will make it a spring of blessing, and that these destitute ones will go from strength to strength. This is my prayer for them. And I pray also for myself and those who dare to go with me, that God will be our shield and cause His face to shine upon us.

Verse 10: For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.

I would have these very same thoughts in my heart when I would be cleaning the windows of Canyon Hills Church in Bakersfield during my time in the Master’s Commission. Now, today there is wickedness going on in those tents on Skidrow, but we will be bringing the tabernacle of God to these people. They will have the opportunity to make a decision. It will be right there available to them.

Verses 11-12: For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man who trusts in You.” Psalm 84

I am praying for the provision to this vision, as well as, for the provision of those on Skidrow who will choose the Lord. I awoke the morning I read this psalm thinking of how these people on Skidrow are crying out for someone to come and bring the presence of God to them. My roommate also confirms this by declaring that they are longing for someone to come and bring to them the presence of God. It is no coincidence. The Lord is putting it on the hearts of his people to make his presence more accessible because He is hearing the cry of the hearts of people in longing for Him.

Many mornings, I am awakened early with intercession and ideas on how to love these ones.  One morning, the Lord gave me the idea of pinning those on Skidrow with an angel pin. These will be those who have made a decision to be one of God’s Angels there in that place. By wearing this Angel pin, they will be declaring to those around them that they have chosen to turn to God fully, and want to be a living example. He spoke to me from the beginning showing me that they are the Angels of the City of Angeles. Another time, Holy Spirit showed me that when they ask, “What are you doing with that white tent? Why are you here?” I should respond by saying, “I’m preparing for a wedding. You are the bride. Jesus is coming back for you! Get ready!” He desires a bride even from Skidrow, and His heart is to encourage them with hope and to prepare them for His return.

One morning I was watching the Facebook live broadcast of David’s Tent in DC. It is a forerunner of many tents that will be set up all over the United States with 24-hour worship and prayer going on in them. I was asking questions in the comments and trying to learn how they do 24/7 as a tent. Then later as I sat down to spend time with the Lord and read my Bible. I randomly opened to Exodus 40 which speaks of the setup of the Tabernacle of Moses. It describes how everything should be arranged and when it should be set up. I was absolutely in awe. It was as though the Lord was paying attention to my concern and He caused me to open to these passages. He spoke several things to me through this chapter. First of all, verse 17 was emboldened so it stood out to me saying,

“And it shall come to pass in the first month of the second year, on the first day of the month, that the tabernacle was raised up.” Exodus 40:17

This verse was a confirmation to me as to when I am supposed to set up the tent in Skidrow.  I wanted to take several months after getting settled in Los Angeles to fast and pray and to really get God’s heart for the people and for the land. I also wanted to make connections, to share my vision, and to recruit singers, musicians, and prayer leaders. I know it’ll take time to acquire permits, as well. Anyhow, in a year from now, it will also be the first month and the first day of the month of the Hebrew calendar and will also begin the second year I am there. I am hoping by this time I will have a good understanding of what the Lord is wanting to do on Skidrow. Hopefully, I will have also developed many relationships with the people there; not only in the various ministries that I will be a part of but I will have made friends with many on Skidrow being that I will have had a year to serve them, and walk those streets praying.

Several other sets of verses stood out to me in this chapter. Verses 30-32 speaks of the laver being set up for the purpose of washing the hands and feet of Moses and the priests. Jesus showed me through these verses that I should also set up a laver to wash the feet of those who are willing, to wash their feet and their hands. I would explain to them, “If Jesus washed the feet of His closest friends, why wouldn’t I wash your feet as well?” Upon getting the revelation of His heart in this, I was praying in the spirit and He showed me that I would be consecrating his Levites, His priests for service. He showed me that I should also anoint them with oil. I started weeping. Just because the rest of the world overlooks these ones, the Lord does not overlook them but calls them to have a purpose in Him.

Also, as I read in verses 22-23 about the table for the bread. The Lord showed me that I should offer them the Bread of Heaven: revelation from the word, of course, but to also offer communion to them- the broken body of Jesus and his shed blood as often as I can. Then I realized I am going to need a lot of bread and a lot of water for washing. I began crying out, “God, give me bread for the people and the water for cleansing. I need lots of bread and water.” He will provide it, it is His heart.

Surprisingly, the morning after I prayed this, the Lord caused me to open to Psalm 132. It is a psalm describing how David swore to the Lord that he would not go to the comfort of his own bed or give his own eyes sleep until he found a dwelling place for God. Verses 13-16 astounded me:

“For the Lord has chosen Zion; He has desired it for His dwelling place; This is His resting place forever; Here I will dwell, for I have desired it. I will abundantly bless her provision, I will satisfy… HER POOR… WITH BREAD… I WILL CLOTHE HER… PRIESTS… WITH… SALVATION…”

I began weeping upon reading this. Jesus just answered my prayer promising me, through these passages, that as I am seeking to create a dwelling place for Him that He will abundantly bless the provision for it. He is promising that He will provide the bread that I am asking for, and that these ones that I consecrate through washing and anointing will be saved. It is truly His heart.

Many mornings my roommate and I are worshipping and interceding for all of this to take place and for the people there. Recently she prays and prophetically declares, “You are bringing your worshippers together. Eagles will soar again. There are wounded eagles on Skidrow and they will rise up again. Prophets on Skidrow that will begin to dream again. The tent will be an oasis a resting place for them and for You Lord.”

We are wanting to develop a place for intimacy again between God and the people there.  We want to show them God’s heart for them: that He does not condemn them, He does not judge them. He desires their fellowship and communion. He desires to have a dwelling place with them. They are His Angels of Los Angeles. We are giving them an opportunity that the church enclosed in walls, oftentimes of judgment and condemnation has not given them. We want to give them an opportunity to know Him personally and to turn back to Him. We want to sing songs of love over them and to create an atmosphere where they too can sing songs back to God. We are wanting to declare God’s love letter over them, the scriptures of His jealous love, and to pray for them. We are wanting to bring to these ones the refreshing that comes from the presence of God. As we were praying one afternoon, I saw a breakout of joy where everyone just started dancing. They were unconcerned about their belongings and laid their bags down. They felt safe. This is what I want to bring to Skidrow Los Angeles. The last half of Psalm 132:16 states:

“And her saints shall shout aloud for joy.” Amen!!

I believe that the set-up of a simple white tent with a few dedicated worshippers and prayer leaders will only be the beginning of something powerful there in Los Angeles. Like David Bradshaw, I could see the Lord beginning to raise this up as a movement going into the darkest areas of every city to bring transformation. I am believing for powerful signs, wonders, and miracles to take place around that tent. I know God is going to save many, and that many will be healed and radically delivered. I know that it is going to be hard and that I will need endurance and extreme dedication. I will need the grace of God, but I believe it is the desire of His heart and He will give me and those who are to partner with me this grace. I believe I will acquire a building there eventually Lord willing. This will be a ministry plant, and will need great provision supernaturally, as well as, from the faithful giving of the saints.

I need a spiritual covering and am so very humbled to have come into contact with Christ’s Mandate for Missions. Knowing that this organization is endeavoring to carry on the legacy that has come down through Aimee Simple McPherson, causes me to believe that this is the very ministry mandate that I need to be under. Also, I believe it was no coincidence that Shawn Bolz called me out at the MFM conference even though I was not an MFM member at that time. I believe in the vision of CMM and desire to be a CMMR. I would be so honored to receive the encouragement, support, direction, guidance, spiritual covering, prayers, donor relation help, seminar planning and covenantal relationship that CMM offers. Thank you so very much for your consideration.