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Donna Mims

My vision is to partner with Holy Spirit to bring fire and glory of Father to nations. I am a lover of Father’s heart and I desire to be touch for the Godhead through prayers, proclamations, decrees and declarations. read more>>

Earl and Jana Thurner

Earl Thurner serves as Vice-President of Vision of the Harvest (Vision de la Moisson) since its inception. Along with their wives Aline and Jana, Edualdo and Earl have a combined 50 years of ministry training and experience. The four of them are ordained ministers, currently recognized by Morningstar Ministries, a globally known organization based in North Carolina (USA). read more>>

Ganbold Noosov

I received the Lord in 1991 by reading one of the first Bibles brought into our country and became one of the first Christians in my city. Since then I have been ministering and pastoring over 20 years in Mongolia. Through the years God has revealed to me importance of disciple-making one by one to help him/her to become disciple-maker and it’s my vision disciple, equip and release to the many leaders into ministry. read more>>