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David Bates

The Trumpet Call School of Supernatural Ministry was birthed to meet and equip the needs we see on the mission field. The school is provided online. The school is designed to equip the believer to operate in the fullness of the Holy Spirit given to the body of Christ. read more>>

James and Victoria Stowell

Our mission is to minister the Glory and Power of God to the world. Ushering in the Kingdom of God. Preaching the Gospel of Jesus, and Him crucified, resurrected and risen. Seeking the lost. Healing the sick. Casting out demons. Raising the dead. Cleansing the lepers. Freely we’ve received, freely we give. read more>>

Joelle Jean Norman

TENT OF HOPELos Angeles, CA Skidrow: These people live in tents, they don’t have a home, but Psalm 84:3-4 tells them, “I will be a home to you. My manifest presence will be, to you, a dwelling.” Also, just as these are homeless, God is looking for a home, a dwelling place on the earth. There is coming a manifestation of His tangible glory that will fill the earth again before Jesus returns. Psalm 22:3 says, that God inhabits the praises of his people.  read more>>

Willie and Charlotte Jordaan

We believe our mission/vision is to show God’s love to others with passion and compassion. To encourage, build up and strengthen people to be rooted and established in the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge. To reach the unreached and care for the poor, the fatherless and widow. read more>>