I want to thank you for praying for us and all of your CMM families around the world. We are so blessed to be alive at this time! I was invited to Vietnam to a closed meeting by our good friend Eugene Bach BACK to JERUSALEM. Eugene is amazing in his connections around the world and the work that they are doing to reach the unreached with Jesus Christ.
It was an amazing time. For example, I met two young Chinese men who now service in Iraq ministering to refugees with many Muslims coming to know Jesus. These young men are brave and selfless and so humble. They were there in Vietnam with the rest of us including some pastors from China.
One pastor is over 800,000 members in his church. Another pastor from China is over 8 million people. These men are so humble that just been in their presence can be overwhelming. They are laid down lives and lovers of Jesus our savior.
 It was also amazing I met pastors in Vietnam and one from Indonesia. Several of these were very interested in becoming part of our Cmm Global family of Network missionaries. Please pray for them.
Several of the pastors in Vietnam or business people who own businesses. One owns a construction company one owns a mattress and pillow company. And we met two men who had tried to be ‘regular’ missionaries who are now much more involved in spreading the good news.
the Lord led them after a frustrating time of being dependent on offerings. the Lord showed them how to open a wine import business in China. Now they have contracts and 400 supermarkets to import to stock the shelves with wines from around the world. They have hired employees who are all Christians and they use this marketplace ministry to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through their business.
We have a lot to learn and how we can get outside of the church walls to reach the lost with the love of Jesus.
Others are in business in Vietnam and they use their proceeds from their businesses to expand the gospel far and white. One pastor has over 100 house churches in the metropolitan area and also in tribal villages in central and southern Vietnam.
He also has a construction company that he uses to fund his ministry. He’s a very dedicated lifelong follower of Jesus and is so effective in the winning animists and tribal people who are Buddhist, the majority of Vietnam and they are coming to Jesus.
New laws were enacted recently in Vietnam giving Christians and Christianity more freedom to worship publicly and openly whereas a few years ago churches had to be quiet and couldn’t even have worship music playing very loud for fear of getting in trouble.
Now things are changing and Revival is breaking out. Also, the economy is booming as never before in Vietnam. This is such good news. I had not heard of all this good a change that has happened in Vietnam and it was so refreshing to be there and to be part of it.
I was asked to share several times about CMM and also about our CMM College of theology. I was so thankful for the response of many pastors, including many young people, and many of them long-term pastors, who were interested in becoming part of our online global school.
Our new friend in Indonesia has to remain below the radar as thousands of Musxlims are coming to Jesus. Pray for this nation which is the largest’ population waiting to know Jesus.
 This excitement about our CMM college of theology Reminded me of Thailand three years ago when I was first asked to share on a visit there and several pastors had interest and one actually took it seriously and became a doctoral graduate of our college of theology and has now brought in over 30 pastors who want to earn their degrees from our school.
We are seeing exciting growth as the Holy Spirit leads. Thank you for praying for the CMM college of theology as we continue to see deep lifelong relationships and friendships develop through our school as people encounter the living word fueled by the Holy Spirit and they are challenged to go to the Holy Spirit to receive fresh revelation of what our Holy Spirit is saying to them on various topics. We are so thankful.
This is a new Jewish new year 05780 is such a historic time. The 80 in 5780 in Hebrew symbolism signifies the mouth.  The Lord spoke to me shortly after the new year began for us to see as seers what he shows us and we must speak what he gives us to say, even if it is in our prayer closet. Our words declared and proclaimed by faith have a great impact to shift the atmosphere.
In the last month, we have seen Great unrest protest in turmoil in places like Ecuador in Bolivia.
In both places, we have friends who live there we all were praying earnestly for peace and change and godliness and righteousness and truths to prevail. There was much warfare and violence, even lives lost due to corruption and mismanagement of God’s  resources and talents. As the Ecclesia of The Lord’s people prayed the unrest and protests in turmoil in places like Ecuador in Bolivia began to subside and even in Bolivia Evo Morales the socialist dictator resigned on Sunday the 10th.
So let’s continue to pray prayers of hope and faith with declarations to see nations change and turn to Jesus as Lord and Savior, the captain of the host of the army.
 Thank you so much for your love for the Lord and for your earnest prayers for CMM and CMM College of theology. I appreciate each one of you so very very much.
We will be setting up prophetic zoom sessions soon with select leaders there.
Blessings, Jorge Parrott